Megan Fox is Just Misunderstood. You Need to Love her Soul!

10/24/2009 Posted by Admin

Megan Fox is yapping her pie-hole again, and this time she wants you to know that she's just misunderstood. Okay--that's it. Everything she's said about her "Transformers" director Michael Bay ("He's Hitler") and all that other crap that runs freely from her mouth like a hose hooked up to a septic tank is just, like, meaningless. You know?

Anyway, here's this from Newser via The Telegraph:

"Sometimes I say things that I think are obviously sarcastic and people take them quite literally," opines the starlet/philosopher, flogging US box office bomb Jennifer's Body north of the border. "This is a bullshit industry and I made a decision not to be a bullsh!t person. I need to hold onto my soul and my integrity and I can’t compromise that."

“I just really want it at some point to be OK for women and young girls to be sexy because I think that’s a power, a gift that we were given by God or the universe or whatever,” Fox tells the Telegraph. "I didn’t decide I’m going to be an actress because I want to be respected for how I play chess."

Good point! And you should never compromise on that point--not ever, Megan. Hold onto that soul for as long as you can. Peace out.

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