“Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition” Blu-ray Movie Review

11/22/2009 Posted by Admin

By Christopher Smith

David Fincher’s darkly comic, visually arresting and violent exercise in new-age masculinity enjoys its 10th anniversary on Blu-ray.

Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bohham Carter star, with the film asking audiences to consider what it means to be a man in a post-feminist society--one that Fincher finds emasculating and worth rising up against.

Norton is a corporate slave with no name--we only know that he’s the film’s narrator, that he’s bored with his life, that he’s addicted to 12-step programs, and that he defines himself by what he owns. He’s in desperate need of a spark that will ignite his dull life and give it meaning.

At first, that spark seems as if it will come in the form of Marla Singer, a chain-smoking bit of bacteria he meets at his testicular cancer support group. But no. The narrator’s life truly changes when he meets Tyler Durden (Pitt), a hip piece of work who is everything the narrator is not.

Together, they start Fight Club, an underground movement of men who just want to be primitive men, that eventually takes over their lives while also impacting the world. In a film whose apocalyptic vision makes for provocative cinema, “Fight Club” is too long and loses its focus three-quarters of the way through, but the performances are terrific, the direction is slick and the twist at the end is a show-stopping as it gets.

Rated R.

Grade: B 

View the trailer for "Fight Club" below.

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  1. jesusangelgarcia said...

    No way is "Fight Club" too long. Its focus, as well, is laser-like: in a world where individuals feel disempowered (via social and corporate constructs) they turn to self-destructive behaviors, which bring down all of us.

    -- badbadbad

  2. Admin said...

    Too long.