Poster and Trailer for Charisma Carpenter's Psychosis

11/01/2009 Posted by Admin

Charisma Carpenter--how'd you like to live up to that name?--has a new movie coming out called "Psychosis." Synopsis: "This horror thriller is about a horror novelist (Carpenter) who relocates with her husband to a beautiful English mansion. Once there, she begins seeing visions of a horrible massacre that happened 15 years earlier. Desperate to prove she isn't losing her mind, Susan must uncover the secrets behind the massacre or risk becoming a victim herself."

And haven't we heard this same synopsis time and again, only tweaked differently? Still, with a name like Charisma, you know she's going to fill seats.

Check out the full poster here--just click to supersize it:

Check out the trailer here:

What do you think? Anything you'd like to see, or is this baby destined to become a straight-to-DVD release?

Source: Shocktillyoudrop

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  1. hardcle said...

    I was a big fan of hers on Angel. I don't think I've seen in her in anything since. I'd be interested to see if she can carry a feature.

  2. Admin said...

    We shall see!

    Cool poster, at least.


  3. Anonymous said...

    I think that this looks awesome! Cannot wait to see it. About time Charisma got some big screen action. I think it's going to have a small general release.