“Serious Moonlight” Movie Trailer Review

11/20/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Michaela Zanello

Remember how Meg Ryan starred with Timothy Hutton in “French Kiss,” a film about a scorned woman whose lover tells her he is in love with a younger woman? Well, if you liked that movie, then you’re in for some déjà vu goodness because, get this, “Serious Moonlight” is also a film starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton about a scorned woman whose lover tells her he is in love with a younger woman. Only this time, instead of being set in picturesque France, the film mostly takes place in the unhappy couple's toilette.

Super woman Louise (Meg Ryan) is a fiercely independent careeraholic, albeit a little coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, who decides to surprise her husband, Ian (Timothy Hutton), at their country home for a romantic weekend. Her plan goes awry, however, when Ian drops the bomb that he is going to Paris and leaving her for his 24-year old girlfriend, Sara (Kristen Bell). Hmm, Paris, huh? “Serious Moonlight” is seriously starting to feel like a game of I-Spy “French Kiss.” At any rate, from what is revealed in the trailer, the plot of “Serious Moonlight” does eventually deviate from its cinematic doppelganger when the opportunistic gardener, played by Justin Long, decides to burglarize Louise and Ian’s home, leaving the couple, plus Sara the mistress, duct taped in the bathroom in a very uncomfortable ménage-a-trois.

Using dialogue extracts and subtle voice-over narration, the trailer presents the film in a very formulaic way, which makes sense, seeing as, aside from a few zany components, “Serious Moonlight” is not a film that is likely to garner many accolades for innovation. The trailer does, however, manage to capture a few comical scenes, leading the audience to believe that “Serious Moonlight” has the potential to dish out some real belly laughs. Unless, of course, this is one of those instances, which happens all too often, when all of the funny parts are shown in the trailer.

The trailer portrays many elements of the film’s plot as being harebrained and madcap, particularly Louise’s desperation, but working with a story that involves a gardener turned bandit and an adulterous husband duct taped to a toilet seat by his cracked wife, there really was no getting around that. “Serious Moonlight” is what it is. But as two charismatic actors, Ryan and Hutton are likely to entertain even if the story does prove to be too wacky to stomach.

What the trailer for "Serious Moonlight" below.  Thoughts?

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