11/04/2009 Posted by Admin

Okay--so round two!  After failing to hear back from our initial winner (sorry bud, but we gave you 48 hours to respond and I want to get on with the next giveaway!), we finally have a winner in our Twitter iPhone 3GS giveaway who actually has responded to us.  That Twitter person is @moviesource101, otherwise known as Adam Gibson from New York, NY!  Let's all give a big shout-out to Adam!  Hoo-ray!  Thanks to the thousands of you who played!  We appreciate it.  --Christopher

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  1. Koki said...

    Congratulations to the winner!
    Well I am jealous now, 5th iPhone competition I participated and got nothing
    Anyway, congratulations!

  2. "Miss" Anita said...

    Congrats to the winner... whomever he or she may be! :)

  3. Jesse J. said...

    ugh, lucky. well if they don't respond im still in it to win it! haha

  4. Jess said...

    congrats to the winner! wish it was me but thank goodness for the other awesome giveaways! thanks week in rewind!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Thank you WeekinRewind for this great opportunity,(craving for the iPhone still) I still have some hope slim hope of still winning this contest =].

    Twitter name: @bluebird410

  6. Melrose Moorefox said...

    Hey, if the winner doesn't respond. I'm ready and waiting. haha

  7. Jess said...

    haha man still no response?! hope it wasn't because i didn't see the email! lol
    just in case twitter id: geshhka
    email pixiefairy007 (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Delrina said...

    What email is the winner contacted from?

  9. camper223 said...

    oh I hope it was me but didn't get a email so please tell us who in case their email didn't arrive to them
    I would hate to lose something this great

  10. Alexis said...

    Congratz to the winner, this was a true blessing to her or him. But it would be a shame if she/he didnt respond. Again to everyone god bless

  11. Adam said...

    Thank you, Christopher and Week in Rewind! I'm psyched! I love this site more than ever! LOL


    I'm kind of in shock!

  12. ciara said...

    was hoping it would be me, since today is my birthday and all lol :0) i'll just keep trying. congrats to the winner!

  13. blueeyeleo said...

    congrats winner and like many others here was hoping for a win but it can only be one person and a BIG congrats goes out to them

    yeah I have always wondered how they contact the winner for these contest that run multiple places if it is email or twitter?

  14. Jessica said...


  15. Chris said...

    who was the original winner?

  16. Admin said...


    Many comment on the site or also send emails. But beyond that, I just direct message them if they didn't. That simple.


  17. Admin said...


    Who the original winner was doesn't matter. Either they pay attention to the site and the tweets, or they don't. His loss.


  18. grayw0lfpack5 said...

    Isn't it possible that you let us know who was the first winner ? I want to know if i missed on it or not.

  19. sushrukh said...

    I want to know too.Though i already won an iPhone 3GS 16 GB in a different contest.

  20. Admin said...

    Sorry, not possible. We have our winner in Adam. That's as far as it goes. I'm not opening up any can of worms.