"Crazy on the Outside" Movie Trailer Review

12/03/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Rob Stammitti

Tommy Zelda is fresh out of prison. He comes home to a wife who's left him, an eccentric, overbearing sister, and a former partner in crime prepared to pull him right back into the business. This would all sound like fresh content for a crime-drama, perhaps, but it's actually the plot to "Crazy on the Outside," the directorial debut of comedian and actor Tim Allen, who also stars as Zelda.

The trailer doesn't make the film appear any more mature than Allen's previous features, but the solid supporting cast may allow for something a bit better than usual. Sigourney Weaver seems to be having a lot of fun playing Allen's wacky sister, and their little bits of banter seem fun enough. JK Simmons, who plays her husband, is always entertaining. And we also have Ray Liotta (who's generally hit or miss, but seems alright here), Kelsey Grammer, and Julie Bowen of "Modern Family," who is pretty much always hilarious. And though Allen has shown little range throughout his career, this is definitely something up his alley, and perhaps his real-life stint in prison assisted in developing the character a bit.

But even with that cast, it doesn't look like much more than the typical comedy Tim Allen has been known for (pretty reminiscent of "Joe Somebody," "Wild Hogs," or "Christmas with the Kranks"), so I guess it comes down to this--if you like Tim Allen, this will very likely be a movie for you. If not, it would probably be best to steer clear. As for me, I haven't quite decided on my opinion of Allen yet, but until I see some further evidence that this is a more mature work than it seems, I'll probably be avoiding it.

"Crazy on the Outside" is set to be released January 8, 2010.

View the trailer for "Crazy on the Outside" below. Thoughts?

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