"Legion": Movie Trailer Review

12/28/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

The poster for the movie "Legion" is underwhelming. It depicts a shirtless angel with a dagger in one hand and a gun in the other. It comes off as trying to be cool, but because it looks like a poor example of fantasy art, the coolness is lost. So, you'll have to forgive this reviewer if I kept low expectations before watching the trailer.

The trailer opens with a narrative of a woman talking about a prophecy her mother told her foretelling a time when the fate of the human race would hang in the balance as the world was covered in darkness. Prophecies about the end of time often are used, so starting out with that isn't an attention grabber. After following an old woman into a diner called Paradise Falls (nudge, wink), we are given a cursory look at the patrons and employees. The old woman makes small talk with a pregnant waitress by saying the unborn child will burn. The old lady quickly goes from creepy to murderous when she tears the throat out of one man, then climbs on the ceiling before being shot down.

It was about this point that my attention was piqued.

It is revealed God has gone Old Testament on the human race for being too sinful and sent angels down to purge the world of them and their sins. One angel rebels and goes to Paradise Falls to protect the aforementioned unborn child because it could be the savior of the human race.

Director Scott Stewart has worked on visual effects for multiple movies and that shows here. One standout creature is a man whose limbs extend beyond human limits, then shambles about like a spider.

The look of the trailer is well done.

The themes and story elements of "Legion" will be familiar to those who enjoy religion-themed horror or action movies. It's hard to tell how deep the characters will be based on the trailer, which (along with the special effects) will be what makes this movie enjoyable or not. After all, it's not as if the film is working off a wholly original idea.

The trailer is surprisingly good, particularly in the wake of the disappointing poster. Despite some cheesiness, "Legion" looks like it will be an entertaining action/horror film. Whether it's from solid action and well-developed characters--or from being so bad, it's good--is yet to be seen.

View the Red Band trailer for "Legion" below.  What are you thoughts?

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