Music Review: R. Kelly's "Untitled"

12/06/2009 Posted by Admin

Music Review

R. Kelly: "Untitled"

By our guest blogger, Sanela Djokovic

What we learn from R. Kelly’s latest album is nothing new: He feels “so freaky” and wants to “go low.” The untitled album sticks to Kelly’s favorite subject to create sexual chronicles in an extensive reverberation of classic R. Kelly. What this means is that those who never liked R. Kelly will not like him after this, and those who did might like him even more.

While the first track on the album, "Crazy Night," which features Caribbean-style Hip-Hop/R&B duo Rock City, is a rather poor, uninviting introduction, the second track, "Exit," quickly compensates, kicking it up a notch and with its harmonic blend of up-tempo and smooth sections, really sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Although "Echo" is third track on the list, it proves to be the culmination of R&B pleasure for Kelly. As he calls for “sex in the morning, sex all day,” he also brings us a lesson from his school of women’s appreciation with a winning chorus and a yodel. "Whole Lot of Kisses" impresses with an inviting, sensual piano and bass, as Kelly sings about being a slave to his woman.

Kelly also has a few mistakes on the album that fail to entice--instead, the succeed in creating cringe-inducing, unattractive sexual accounts. During "Bangin’ on the Headboard," we hear the word “bangin’” more times than anyone cares to hear it. It doesn’t take too long for it to become very unsexy. “Go Low,” is fun to listen to...if you’re not listening too hard. The track has Kelly comparing a woman to food: “Slap you up with some biscuits.” As talented as he was, even Marvin Gaye would have a difficult time making that lyric sound appealing. The closing track, "Pregnant," which features Tyrese, has the booty-loving player go from one night stands to wanting to make babies--a weak attempt to express a change of heart.

Luckily, the album does gain some speed in the seventh-inning stretch with a series of songs that makes you get up and move quite a bit. "I Love the DJ" launches the party, a significantly dance-oriented track, perfect for any club. The song, which is about falling in love with a DJ, is a wonderful detour, a very sweet treat, almost like a vacation. Other fun tracks include the hip-hop heavy "Superman High," which features Atlanta rapper OJ Da Juiceman, and "Be My #2," which incorporates n subtle, catchy funk-disco fusion.

The singles off this album, "Religious," "Echo" and "Number One," which features Keri Hilson, are a very good indication of what it is all about. The album doesn’t really need a title. All you need to know is that R. Kelly is at the helm, and he delivers exactly what is expected of him--a little tenderness, a little bit of a party and a lot of his not-so-inner freak.

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