"The Paranoids" Movie Trailer Review

12/29/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Rob Stammitti

"The Paranoids" is another in a long line of what I like to call the "carbon copy indie film." These are the kinds of films whose plots generally follow one semi-antisocial character (who always hates work/life/co-workers/neighbors/etc.) who, with a assistance of a person who is his friend or some sort of person that associates positively with him--not to mention the courage brought out by a newfound love--can overcome his problems (at least his existential ones) and come out on top as a better/happier/different person.

In this case, however, we might have another rare occurence where this tired formula actually works. The plot is basically what I described above, but it also has an element of conflict wherein the protagonist's muse--the love interest described above that profoundly affects his life etc. etc.--is his best friend's girlfriend.

With a little twist like that to the traditional indie plot, there is a lot of potential for great drama and comedy. This is a comedy, and there are definitely some very amusing moments in the trailer. The direction and overall aesthetic generally looks pretty good for this type of film. I'm not at all familiar with director Gabriel Medina, but based on his IMDb page, this appears to be his first major directorial effort, and if it is, it certainly looks above-adequate.

"The Paranoids" received a decent amount of attention at the several film festivals in which it was shown, and it has already received a DVD release in Argentina (Medina's home-country, appropriately), but there doesn't seem to be any sign of a nearby theatrical or DVD release in the United States. Until further word, it appears it may be difficult to come by. A shame, really, because these days you hear very little about Argentinian cinema compared to Mexican or Brazilian.

The trailer for "The Paranoids" is below. Thoughts?

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