"Robin Hood" Movie Trailer Review

12/17/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Kristen Lopez

Many tales seem rife for adaptation in film--particularly if they're revisited numerous times. Examples include the works of Shakespeare, the story of Cinderella, and in this case, the story of Robin Hood. The saga of the outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor has transmogrified and permeated all types of genres--the modern-day gangster films, for example, or various Westerns. Veteran director Ridley Scott is the latest to take a stab at the hero, and he does so with long-time collaborator and star Russell Crowe.  Technically, the film's trailer is a “teaser,” so its lack of depth and story could be explained right there.  Still, if we didn't know the title of the movie, this easily could be seen as "Gladiator 2: Bows Included"--and for an epic, that's pretty weak.

Opening with the air of a horror movie, the trailer begins with a shot of a half-naked young lady and a group of soldiers traipsing through dark woods. Cut to sweeping vistas and a shot of people putting boots on the shore and Crowe popping out of the water, screaming. If anyone's seen the movie "Troy," this scene looks oddly familiar. While there's a lot of fine swordplay exhibited, the trailer is merely a series of clips cobbled together with no discernible story.

What's curious about the trailer is how closely this looks to Crowe and Scott's past Academy Award-winning film, "Gladiator." The locations look the same, and Crowe's haircut and outfits are similar.  The final shot of Crowe, his head bleeding while he shoots an arrow, is a cool image, but the whole look of this trailer is cool images and little more. There are a few shots of a gaunt-looking Cate Blanchett, apparently playing Maid Marian, but don't look for much from her. Props on the hard rock score as it seems to heighten the swordplay and distract from the fact that not much is going on.

Perhaps a full-length trailer will allow for a deeper glimpse into the movie, but right now, viewers are left with empty pockets.

Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" hits theaters May 14, 2010.

Check out the trailer for "Robin Hood" below. Thoughts?

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