TEASE #2: Next Major Giveaway from WeekinRewind.com!

12/26/2009 Posted by Admin

We're just days away from the next major giveaway at WeekinRewind.com, and here is our second tease.

Look for the real deal to appear on Dec. 31, 2009. This is our biggest yet, and it promises a great way to kick off the new year.

Any thoughts on what it is?  A hint is at your left.  Let us know in the comments section. It's never too early to get your name into our database, or to subscribe to the site, which you'll need to do to win.

You can subscribe to our feed here.

You can receive email updates here.

 Just let us know that you did so in the comments section and we'll check.

Those who take a guess at what it is--and if they get it right--will win 100 additional entries early.  Just let us know in the comments section what you think the next major giveaway from WeekinRewind.com is!


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  1. Veronica said...

    Have no clue with it is but I am sure it will be worth the wait to find out! I subscribed to your email and your feed as well.



  2. Whippeteer said...

    Still from Star Trek?

  3. Alexa Nernberg said...


    Hmm, could those be clouds I see? If so, maybe it's a flight for two somewhere. Good thing I subscribe and follow and I'll find out for sure on the 31st.


  4. carolynishis said...

    A view of the clouds and on the left part of a building.I follow on twitter as carolynishis and i subscribe as carolynishis@gnail.com

  5. JD_Denver said...

    A trip into space? IIRC you already said it would be the biggest prize yet ;)

    John at darrows dot us

  6. Hippie4ever said...

    I see clouds, computer graphics (?), and a shadow...not a clue :)

  7. Marc said...

    My guess is a view of earth from the international space station. It looks a bit close for that, but that's my guess. ;)

  8. Bumba said...

    From what I see it looks like the reflection of clouds in a car hood... So I'm thinking it's a car hood in that picture.

  9. whitbord said...

    That could be snow.I hope it's not a ski trip,unless it's the Winter Olympics,I would like that.

    I follow on twitt

  10. bcgirll said...

    It's the new iMac!!!...."the ultimate all-in-one"....... I SO need a new computer and I'm so fed up with this old PC.

    tooluckyducky AT hotmail DOT com

  11. Gayle said...

    A trip to the winter Olympics?

  12. Edward29 said...

    I think it could be the shiny surface of the new Apple iMac desktop computer with the blazing i7 processor.

  13. Lilly said...

    I see clouds or snow...
    I am an email subscriber.
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  14. princessducky said...

    New iMac???

    I subscribe to your emails.

    princessducky at hotmail dot com

  15. Lynne said...

    I'm now thinking it just might be a trip.

  16. Trish said...

    I'm going to guess an hp touchsmart computer?
    I subscribe to emails!!

  17. Erin from Long Island said...

    hmmm, tough to be sure. is it the hood of a car?

  18. kathryn313 said...

    Yep it is a trip to the Super Bowl. That's me in the airplane. I can see it now!!!!
    Well one can only hope!!!

  19. Irene said...

    Apple iMac desktop computer with the blazing i7

    Fan on facebook Irene McKay-Muntz
    Follow you on Twitter mommaof_03
    Subscribe to email

  20. Diana said...

    haha, here we go again! lol
    Not sure what it is.. looks like a pic of water to me.. but in the upper left corner it looks like a great computer!! Yeah! Just what I need. Mine is making me nuts!! anyway.. My guess.. A wonderful new computer with all the bells and whistles! Probably a desktop! Perfect!!

  21. Julia said...

    I was thinking in the first tease it was the hp dv6t.
    I subscribe to your email, & fan on facebook

  22. Steve D said...

    HP Envy

  23. Anonymous said...

    My guess is Windows 7

  24. Violet Smith said...

    Yes It is definately the new iMac, fantastic looking machine, definately count me in for this one
    Retweeting, Sharing, Follow, Fan Subscribe
    violet_c_smith at hotmail dot com

  25. Admin said...

    Maybe it's a Dell!


  26. Douglas327 said...

    I am still going to guess it's a LCD HDTV.

  27. singermagic1 said...

    the first clue looked like a chip or video card from a computer , this new clue looks like clouds from a plane window ... I'm confused but I hoping it is a new Envy

    following on twitter @singermagic1

  28. Misscrabbypants said...

    Apple iMac desktop computer with the blazing i7!


  29. James Lytle said...

    that looks like part of the Enterprise E flying over a planet, so my guess is going to be Star Trek Online

    jamesintucson at hotmail dot com

  30. Christal said...

    I'm going to go with movies since it looks like a dvd, blu ray or cd

  31. herblady said...

    I'm already an email subscriber, feed subscriber, twitter follower & facebook fan.

    It has to be the Apple 27-inch iMac Intel Core i7. I found the picture here:

    hrbeck_98 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  32. angela said...

    The new iMaaaaaaac! (drool)... "The ultimate all-in-one. Now with the ultimate display."

  33. Anonymous said...

    I am sticking with my tease #1 answer and follow up with this - that is: The new iMac with the ultimate all-in-one. Now with the ultimate display - displaying a spaceship in the universe.
    Count me IN IT TO WIN IT as I subscribe to your newsletter and updates as: seaside27@hotmail.com
    Thx ;)

  34. Anonymous said...

    The next major Giveaway from WeekinRewind.com is: The new iMac, the ultimate all-in-one, now with the ultimate display.
    I receive your newsletter at: seaside27@hotmail.com

  35. foodie ffanatic said...

    I'm going with herblady and the iMac because the photo sure looks similar. I subscribe to your email updates and follow you in my Google reader. {foodie ffanatic - Dani H - dd.h930 [at] gmail [dot] com}

  36. Whippeteer said...

    iMac! I'd love a 27" one!

  37. AppleJill said...

    The new iMac (with or without Star Trek DVD)!

    I subscribe to your feed, newsletter and follow you on Twitter.


  38. tannawings said...

    An IMac with a picture of clouds or snow? I dont know.........


  39. Andrea B. said...

    The new desktop IMac...Yes,that would be very nice....following on twitter.

  40. Isolated Existence. said...

    A role on the next Star Trek movie?

  41. Isolated Existence. said...

    I follow you on Twitter, I subscribe and I am a FAN!

    isolatedexistence at gmail.com

  42. Leshy said...

    the new imac