Was the “Twilight” Saga Plagiarized?

12/12/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Marie Biondolillo

She might not be Shakespeare, but "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer can at least lay claim to having invented the abstinent vampire all by herself.

MTV.com reports that a copyright infringement suit against “Twilight” series author Stephenie Meyer was recently dismissed. The suit, brought by author Jordan Scott, alleged that Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” (the final novel of the “Twilight” series) plagiarized Scott’s 2006 novel, “The Nocturne.”

A letter from Scott’s lawyers, which was obtained earlier this year by TMZ, details Scott’s allegations. Scott alleges that Meyer plagiarized her because:

  • Both novels have wedding scenes featuring lots of garlands and braids;
  • Both novels have sex scenes that are set on the beach, during which moments are described as “perfect” and the hero calls the heroine “beautiful”;
  • Both novels feature nightmares with black figures in them;
  • Both novels feature the hero feeling loving toward the heroine upon the discovery that she is pregnant with his child;
  • Both novels have a scene where the hero and heroine decide to name their child something unbearably stupid. In “Breaking Dawn,” the stupid name is Renesmee. In “The Nocturne,” it’s Requiem.
  • In both novels, the heroine basically dies during childbirth;
  • In both novels, the hero thinks his newborn child is perfect; and
  • In both novels, the hero uses “love” as a term of endearment for the heroine.

The problem here is not that Meyer has plagiarized Scott. The problem is that both novelists have plagiarized every romance novel, ever. Find me a Harlequin novel wherein the hero does not call the heroine “love” or “beautiful” during a sex scene on the beach containing “perfect moments.” I dare you to produce a historical romance wherein the heroine doesn’t almost perish during childbirth before producing a perfect, marvelous baby.

The only interesting coincidence here is the incredibly dumb baby names. These are a true mystery that will never be solved.



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  1. Anonymous said...

    "Both novels have a scene where the hero and heroine decide to name their child something unbearably stupid"


  2. Anonymous said...

    if i was a writer that had his story plagiarised by Stephenie Meyers i would be to ashamed to come up and say it

  3. Anonymous said...

    God help Ms. Meyers if she isn't even good enough to write this series by herself.

  4. sixand456 said...

    Not a fan of sparkling vampires, but I didn't think 'Requiem' was an unbearably stupid name- in fact, I think it's kind of cool. Maybe it's because I like Requiem for a Dream so much. :)

  5. jbafaith said...

    I have met people in life whose names were "incredibly stupid" but I never though Stephenie Meyer named them! The name in the book at least had a purpose - it was the combination of both grandmother's names while the names of people in life must have been having a nightmare for theirs! I loved the book and the child's name too, when I realized why & got used to it.