"The Big Lebowski" Channels Shakespeare, Takes to the Stage--and Goes Viral

1/10/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Hillary Weston

So, most people wouldn't even think to put "The Big Lebowski" and William Shakespeare in the same sentence, but if classic Jane Austen novels are being infiltrated with zombies--anything's possible. Writer Adam Bertocci has taken a cue from good ol' Billy Shakes and turned the Coen brother's cult classic, "The Big Lebowski," into a "most excellent comedy and tragical romance" titled, "Two Gentleman of Lebowski"--and yes, it's in iambic pentameter.

Bertocci himself said that, "Shakespeare's themes, like profanity and sexual humor, are certainly present in the Coen's work," which makes "The Big Lebowski" the perfect script to work from, seeing as it's riddled with Shakespearean references.

What transpired is a full five-act play that has since going viral and has been blowing up all over the Web, with people all over the world buzzing about it, and requesting to see his mash-up performed live.

I am sure there are plenty of venues willing to commission this epic piece of theatrical brilliance but what about the annual Lebowski Fest in Kentucky? That would seem the most appropriate place, ey? Regardless, I am sure die-hard Lebowski fans will have every word memorized in preparation for an impromptu performances. I know I would certainly enjoy that.

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