"The Bounty Hunter" Movie Trailer Review

1/15/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Peter Livingston

It is a perfect scenario for a MasterCard commercial:

  • Divorce Lawyer . . . $5,000.
  • Separation of assets . . . Half of everything you own.
  • Arresting your ex-wife for missing bail . . . Priceless.
So goes the premise of the movie due out this spring--"The Bounty Hunter."

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is a bounty hunter sent to bring in his ex-wife, Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston), for skipping bail. As you can imagine, not all goes as planned. Nicole is working on a story that has far-reaching implications, including corruption within the police force. This leads to her, and subsequently Milo, running for their lives. As far as the ever encompassing genre of Rom-Com’s, there could not be a more perfect scenario to produce comedy from catastrophe and awkwardness.

Oddly reminiscent of the dynamic between Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn in the 1990 flick, "Bird on a Wire," Milo and Nicole play a game of cat and mouse, and through the chaos, try to somehow remain alive. From Milo throwing Nicole into the trunk of his car to her handcuffing him to a bed, the sexual chemistry is palpable between the two, if not only for Milo’s sexual innuendo (see Gerard Butler in "The Ugly Truth" for reference).

Aniston, no stranger to on-screen romances bleeding into real life romances, is set alongside another heartthrob leading man that the tabloids have linked her to romantically. Since her divorce from Brad Pitt, Aniston has been linked to Vince Vaughn ("The Break-Up"), Owen Wilson ("Marley and Me"), Bradley Cooper ("He’s Just Not That Into You") and now Gerard Butler. Whether these rumors will spur bigger box office numbers for "The Bounty Hunter" remains to be seen, but it certainly creates more buzz for the movie.

Directed by Andrew Tennant, who has directed such titles as "Hitch" and "Sweet Home Alabama," this romantic comedy can hopefully capture more of the neo Rom-Com attributes--comedy with a splash of romance.

View the movie trailer for "The Bounty Hunter" below. What are your thoughts?

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