"Furry Vengeance" Movie Trailer Review

1/05/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Hannah Lawrence

"Furry Vengeance" is about exactly what it sounds like it is--fiercely smart and capable animals ganging up on humans and teaching them the importance of nature conservation. Does that sound familiar? If you're a fan of Steve Carell, I bet a lot of bells are going off in your head right now, and you're right. "Furry Vengeance" is just like "Evan Almighty," where God forced Carell's character to build an arc to understand the value of nature and its inhabitants.

But this time around, we have a significantly beefier main character--Brendan Fraser, who plays a big-time real-estate developer who moves his family to Oregon so he can oversee a the building of a monstrous housing development that's going to wipe out an entire forest and its critters. Despite his reservations, Fraser works to convince himself and his wife (Brooke Shields) that the job is "an opportunity" to do something good for the environment, even though his efforts only reinforce how his new job is isolating him. This notion is furthered when the animals themselves (that's right--more animal actors!) begin to unleash their wrath on Fraser, so as to discourage him from going through with the project and destroying their homely greenery.

If you're unconvinced this movie is a total and unabashed remake of "Evan Almighty," consider this--as we see in the trailer, there's a scene where Fraser is driving in his gas guzzler and a raccoon darts out onto the road. Fraser screams, "Miley Cyrus!" (Presumably because "OHHH Kelly Clarkson!" and "Sheeeeeep!" were used in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Evan Almighty." And for the record, "Miley Cyrus" doesn't convey nearly as much anger or pain as "Kelly Clarkson.")

The point is, "Furry Vengeance" is another studio's attempt at getting children and their parents to care as much about climate change, the environment and endangered species as they would if the movie had hardcore statistics and images of thick, black smoke floating over country sides. Instead, producers wrangled up a bunch of animals and commanded them to go unplug appliances and shoot things into the air by pulling levers with their paws, all in the name of saving the planet. Do I think it will be successful in advocating a greener planet? No. Not only does Fraser make for an unconvincing professional (at least in the trailer), but his steadfast behavior (even though it's part of his character) is a turn-off. And did I mention this movie has already been filmed before?

View the trailer for "Furry Vengeance" below. What are your thoughts?

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  1. @graywolfpack said...

    Someone said this is like "Evan Alemighty"? Well it does have animals and people in it, but other than that if doesn't look like "Evan" to me. It does look really funny, and I can't wait to see this with the family. Good strong cast, looks to be good family entertainment!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I saw the movie with my kids (ages 8, 6 and 3) and they loved it!! Sure, there's no Wanda Sykes or Steve Carrell in it, but the cast is still strong and Brendan Frazier is sooooo funny! He's such a goof!!
    We give it all thumbs up! Plus Brook Shields acting again.....not bad at all!!

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