"Human Target" is Worth a Shot

1/26/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Travis Harvey

Television has its newest super tough guy and he his kicking butt and taking names, in that order. Based on the popular DC Comics graphic novel, smooth-talking Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is the human target, which is a fancy name for private security. Unlike normal security, Chance takes on a new persona and blends into the client’s life, then when the threat presents itself, that’s when he takes action--and there’s plenty of nonstop action.

The show’s pilot episode leaves you with a few questions which I’m sure in time will be answered and for right now it’s OK because I’m in no rush--it makes me want more. Why does Chi McBride’s character, Winston, think Chris should take time off? And why in the beginning of the episode does Chris seem to not care much about his life? These aren’t the only questions and I’m sure more will pop up throughout the season.

The show wasted no time in getting the action started up--within the first five minutes, there was a hostage situation, a fight and an explosion. If you're an action fan and that doesn’t make you want to stay tuned in, I don’t know what will. The first episode does an good job introducing the characters, but like other shows such as this, they never go into great detail because they will do so later in the season.

The episode continued by introducing us to the first client (that the audience has seen), but not without some twists and turns. Chance is hired to protect the engineer of a bullet train during its first trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

When the train is thrown out of control and the client's life has been threatened, that’s when Chance has to act, all the while staying undercover. A threat presents itself, but chance knows the guy was only a hired assassin and that the real perpetrator had yet to be identified.  They had more pressing matters, such as getting off the 200 mph train. Using a makeshift parachute, which he crafts using materials around him, they escape with minor bumps and bruises.

The episode ends with Chance seemingly not solving the case, but one clue was left behind--and then everything was answered. The husband was behind the assassination attempts and the cause for an $80 billion bullet train to be destroyed.

The second episode of the season had me a bit confused--it kept going from what seemed to be the middle of the episode to when Chance first gets the case. We learned that not only is the threat unknown, but so is the client. The client is a hacker with the alias of Casper and it could be anyone on the plane.

Once the threat is identified, Chance finds out there is a partner on the plane, but by this time he already knows who she is and what she’s planning. The client, Casper, is found and her name is Brooke. A fire on the plane causes chance to act and flip the plane over, making me not want to go near an airplane for a very long time. Thankfully, hacker Brooke is there to save the day with a new flight computer.

If these first two episodes have shown audiences anything, it’s that this show will continue to be badass.   "Human Target" should be given a chance.

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