Music Video Review: Noah and the Whale's “Love of an Orchestra”

1/21/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Noah and the Whale is steeped in the modern age of indie music. They named themselves after the Noah Baumbauch film, “The Squid and the Whale,” and indie music lovers expect great things from a group with such cool taste. The duo’s latest single, “Love of an Orchestra,” which is off “The First Days of Spring,” showcases what is so great about full-sounding music.

Anyone who’s a sucker for music videos that involve a lone dancer will adore this video. It may not be on scale with Christopher Walken’s classic “Weapon of Choice” routine, but it is deliriously joyful. With one camera fixed on the dancer, it makes it so the viewer can’t look away. The camera is with him from the time he starts mouthing the words along with a chorus until the time the curtains open and the song ends. His movements are less choreographed and more spastic, as if he has no professional dance training whatsoever. This doesn’t deter from the video, though.  In fact, it makes it all the more human.

“Love of an Orchestra” sounds exactly as the title predicts it would. A full string and wind section makes for a harmonious sound that will delight listeners. The happiness seen by the dancer translates right back into the song and listeners won’t be able to help smiling as they hear it. Noah and the Whale may be just two guys, but their latest single shows they know how to make use of all types of music.

Grade: A

View the video for "Love of an Orchestra" below. Love it or hate it?

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