Music Video Review: Ree'AL's "Encore"

1/14/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Ree'Al is a new face coming up in the hip-hop/R&B world, and her latest single, “Encore,” blends En Vogue-style vocals with watered down Lil Kim-style lyrics. “Encore” simply put is a song about a woman who wants her boyfriend over so they can “do it again.” It’s really not a song for children, but if gets played on the radio, you can bet there is some 6-year-old out there singing the lyrics.

The style of the video is not overtly sexual, with the exception of a lingerie scene. For an entire song being about sex, the video is oddly tame. Most of the scenes are shot in a speakeasy style club with Ree’AL singing to an exciting crowd. These shots of the club are complete with swaying background singers, a la The Supremes. The part of the video that takes place outside the club is in Ree’AL’s home, one of which is particularly interesting. Viewers get to see Ree’AL talk on the phone, laugh on the couch and lean over a railing. Eventually, the whole theme of the song comes into play as Ree’AL’s boyfriend comes over and she seductively dresses in lingerie.  The video and the song are more about making love than just getting it on. A kind of sweetness can be seen through the two main characters, which is reflected in the lyrics themselves.

“Encore” is an interesting song. In a time when sexuality is blatantly spread across billboards, movies and television, it's hardly a surprise to hear a song about sex. But the style of “Encore” is more like “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael. Both send a message of sex and monogamy rather than promiscuity. Although there is a less-preachy message in “Encore,” the idea is still the same. The slow jam feel of the song fits well with lyrics, and listeners can hear a kind of happiness in Ree’AL’s voice. She’s all smiles in the video, which translates over to the song. Overall, the message and feel of the song might entwine nicely with the video, but it seem too docile for the hip-hop world.

Grade: C

View the video for "Encore" below. Thoughts?

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