The Must List: January 15 – January 21, 2010

1/14/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Spencer Morton

Editor's Note:  Each week, guest blogger Spencer Morton will offer his new column, "The Must List," which will prime readers for all things worth viewing and hearing in the coming week.  Look for it each Thursday.


"The Lovely Bones": Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the acclaimed Alice Sebold novel has been out on a limited release since December 11, 2009, but will get wide distribution tomorrow. Up until this point, “The Lovely Bones” hasn’t exactly been the critical darling that it was built up to be.

There are strong performances all around. Most notably, Stanley Tucci shines as the creepy, deceptive George Harvey. The story is solid, and it’s a fair adaptation of the book. It’s not spot on, but it doesn’t have to be. Jackson’s direction flutters a little with self-indulgent, whimsical CGI shots. Over time, they detach the viewer from the story. Overall, this is the must-see movie hitting theaters this week.

* Runner up--"The Book of Eli": Denzel Washington wielding machetes and crossbows can’t be that bad of a back-up plan, can it?


"Invention of Lying": Ricky Gervais is as sarcastic, crass, and unrelenting as they come. His style of humor is finally making its mark on the big screen. He writes, directs and stars in the honestly clever “The Invention of Lying.” Mark Bellison (Gervais) lives in a world where no one lies. Everyone always says what’s on their minds.

Mark becomes a bit of an international star when he learns how to lie--how to deceive. He attempts to use this newfound power to gain wealth, fame...and affection from Anna (Jennifer Garner). Watch the events unravel in their full hilarity when “The Invention of Lying” hits stores on Tuesday.

*Runner up--"Che": If you have four hours to kill, check out “Che,” where Benicio Del Toro delivers a beautifully understated performance.


Motion City Soundtrack--“My Dinosaur Life”: These Minnesota pop rockers have been on the scene since the early 2000s. They obtained their highest critical and mainstream success in 2007 with “Even if It Kills Me,” which debuted at #16 on the Billboard 200. Nearly 2.5 years have passed and they’re now releasing their follow-up, “My Dinosaur Life.”

Justin Pierre’s often high-pitched, sometimes aggressive vocals always have impressed, but their musicianship is what carries this album. “My Dinosaur Life” is heavier and darker than their previous work, but still contains the radio-friendly, poppy riffs that made MCS famous. “My Dinosaur Life” hits shelves Tuesday.

Songs to download:
“Pulp Fiction”
“Worker Bee”

*Runner up--Spoon:  “Transference."  The always-solid indie rock mainstays release their seventh studio album.


"24" (Season Premiere): The eighth season (or is it the eighth day?) of Jack Bauer kicking butt gets underway this weekend. Kiefer Sutherland assumes his roll as hero of the free world, in what is rumored to be the final season of “24.” That is, of course, unless some amazing writers can figure out more ways to keep the show interesting.

“24” always has had an interesting premise, and the show rarely lacks in action, suspense or thrills. Since it’s inception in 2001, “24” has had solid, consistent ratings. If this truly is the final season, than this premiere is definitely a must-see. Check it out on FOX this Sunday night at 9/8c.

*Runner up--"The 67th Golden Globe Awards": Isn’t this like the Academy Awards’ kid sister or something? In all seriousness, the Globes are fun. It’s always good to see comedies get some love. Watch them live Sunday night at 8pm Eastern.

Music Video

Lil Wayne--“On Fire”

Lil’ “Auto tune” Wayne is taking over the world, in case you didn’t know. Whether you approve of his rhymes, style or unabashed love affair with auto tune, Wayne is ‘it’ right now. His ‘rock’ album, “Rebirth,” hits February 2, 2010. Last week he released the video to its second single, “On Fire.”

“On Fire” starts out like something you might hear on the “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack. A solid beat picks up and Wayne struts the guitar every so often. The song is catchy, slightly experimental and is definitely a step up from the album’s first single, “Prom Queen.” As for the video, it’s pretty standard. It’s sleek and well shot. Random images of dolls and snakes at the end didn’t do much for me, though.

Check out the video here:

Viral Video

Death Metal Rooster

As a huge fan of metal music, this video makes me laugh hysterically while also making me ponder a serious question:  "How valid is this genre of music when the vocalist can easily be replaced with a rooster?" I’d like to hear more stuff from this ferocious farm animal.

View the video here:

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  1. Misscrabbypants said...

    I am seeing The Lovely Bones this weekend. I can't wait.

  2. Admin said...

    Let us know what you think.