Sony and Lionsgate Duel For "Terminator" Rights

2/08/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Matt Jussim

Apparently, it’s Sony vs. Lionsgate in a bidding war for the rights to the "Terminator" franchise, reports Variety.

As it has been previously reported, the Halcyon Group is putting the rights to future "Terminator" films, TV series, DVDs and merchandise on auction in Los Angeles, days before a bankruptcy court hearing.

According to Variety: A few weeks ago, it looked like the "Terminator" franchise, which has been the subject of sale talk since late last year, might go to Lionsgate after the studio put in a bid for it. There's been no comment from the studio, but Sony placed a bid last Thursday, the final day of the rights auction.

Lionsgate had previously offered $15 million plus 5 percent of future grosses to current owners The Halcyon Group. The sale plans came about in September 2009, after Halcyon filed for Chapter 11.

"Terminator Salvation," the fourth film in the franchise, was produced by Halcyon with Warner Bros. handling domestic distribution and Sony taking international. It carried a production pricetag of about $200 million and took in $371 million worldwide.

Either way, Lionsgate will walk away with something because if it doesn't win, it will receive $750,000 as a breakup fee from the winning bidder.

I’m not the most business savvy person when it comes to industry dealings, but The Halcyon Group really f*&#ed up the “Terminator” franchise, pardon my French.

When I first heard that another film was coming out, I was super excited. I am a huge fan of the first two films and I consider “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” to be one of the best action films of all time. I also am in the minority that actually liked “Terminator 3,” although I do admit it’s the weakest of the trilogy.

When Christian Bale was cast as John Connor, I was pumped. Batman is going to be John Connor, too? That’s great. And I even gave the producers the benefit of the doubt when they brought on McG to direct because it seemed like he had the right ideas in mind to bring another “Terminator” film to the screen. But it just turned out to be one big dystopian mess.

I don’t think “Terminator: Salvation” was horrible, but it fell way below my expectations and selling the franchise may be the best thing to happen to the “Terminator.” Hopefully, the next studio will learn from Hacylon’s past mistakes and the next film is a great one.

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