Television Review: "The Buried Life" Episode Two

2/03/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Elisabeth Rentschler

In episode two of “The Buried Life,” the four men embark on a new venture, this time to complete wish number 41: Make a toast at a stranger’s wedding. In this episode, the four friends are trying to create that “Wedding Crashers” type feel by choosing a wedding at random and acting like they belong. However, this isn’t the movies, and they haven’t really done their background checks.

Regardless, they are determined to tackle the task somehow.

Unlike the previous episode, this task seems a little harder to tackle. The friends successfully sneak into one wedding, posing as a photographer and guests. The photographer was kicked out immediately after a woman said she didn’t remember hiring him. Unfortunately, even the other three didn’t make it to the end of the reception, as they were kicked out by security.

Yet, the friends were determined to check this one off their list as well. They picked another wedding the next day, only to find out that the wedding party had done their toasts the night before at the rehearsal dinner. Figures.

In the meantime, the friends find Sam, an artist whose wish is to speak to his son, Laban, whom he hasn’t spoken to in 17 years. The men promise to do their best, and continue on their way. How they were going to even begin to find this man’s son was beyond me, and although they didn’t say how long they would be staying in Dallas, I would guess it’d have to be a pretty significant amount of time in order to tackle something this huge.

Needless to say that, in the end, there were happy endings for both. The gentlemen were able to sneak in a speech at the second wedding, leaving the bride and groom totally confused, and they were able to find Laban’s number and reunite Sam with his son.

This was yet another interesting and mildly entertaining episode of “The Buried Life.” Although this is only the second episode, I am wondering if there ever will be any wishes that the group fails to complete. I mean, nobody is perfect and we can’t succeed in everything we do. But maybe these guys are perfect. Or maybe they just won’t air their flaws.

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