Television Review--"Human Target: Sanctuary"

2/05/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Travis Harvey

Secret passage ways, 1,000-year-old artifacts, and becoming a man of the cloth for a mission is just another mission for Christopher Chance and Winston. Noticeably missing in last week's show is Guerrero, who is on some mysterious mission for an unknown client.

Last week’s episode found our unlikely hero in the depths of a remote monastery. This episode did something that was a first for the series--it took a new approach to explaining the case to the audience. They included a voice over to explain the circumstances of this week’s episode.

Seeing Chance in a monastery is actually a nice change of pace, especially because he has to follow the rules of the church.  Hearing about him needing redemption allowed audiences to learn more about him and what has led him to the life he lives. As such, the show is beginning to grow on me more and more each week.

The caliber of action "Human Target" brings every week is unlike any other TV show on the air right now.  Sure, “24” may have some explosions, but it’s not the same. "Human Target" shows has character development and you learn new things about them each week. Unlike Jack Bauer, our guy Chance is into something new each week, which keeps the show fresh.

Being in a monastery brings out a different side of Chance--a softer side--which suggests that this episode was about self-evaluation and redemption.

The mysterious case that Guerrero takes has to do with something from Chance's past, which involves the death of a woman named Katherine Walters. I think it's because of her death that we sometimes see Chance trying his hardest to do the right then and to help people because he doesn’t want anyone to end up hurt.

After this episode, we not only learned something new about Chance, but we also saw a different side of Guerrero--which was kind of terrifying, but also intriguing to watch.

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