Top 50 Most Anticipated Films of 2010: List 46-50

2/18/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Tim Strain

Editor's Note:  Guest blogger Tim Strain has compiled his list of the 50 most anticipated movies of 2010. will offer five per day, starting from the bottom and ending at the number-one spot.  Tim wanted us to note this:  "By the time the final portion of the list has been published, 'Shutter Island' will already have been released.  I hope you appreciate cinema enough to have made it to Scorsese’s newest on opening night.  Please look for it later on this list as it progresses."  Thanks to Tim.  Below is his list:

I want to preface this by saying that I am not delusional. I know the chances of me getting mauled by three bears in one day are better than you seeing all of these. The Oscar nominations for the, um, best and most notable films of 2009 are long behind us. The Best Picture nominees have made $1.5 billion, so you’ve probably seen everything you wanted from last year. (That being said, get your hands on “A Serious Man.” If you haven't already, WHY haven’t you seen it yet?)

This list is for the films I'm eager to see in 2010. Think of it as a list of recommendations. These are projects that have notable names attached to them or feature content so entertaining on paper that you’d do yourself some good by at least casting a glance. Without further adieu, my list of 50 films I am anticipating most, from the bottom up.

46. The Other Guys (Adam McKay)
Adam McKay made “Anchorman.” Will Ferrell was in that, if you remember. I’ll watch anything they do again. In "The Other Guys," Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play police partners, and Steve Coogan, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Keaton also are on-board. These are all very funny guys in their own ways, and with McKay’s ability to get great comedy out of his actors, this could be among the year’s funniest.

47. Robin Hood (Ridley Scott)
Ridley Scott looks like he’s out of ideas and inspiration at this point in his career. He always gets a good performance out of Russell Crowe (but it’s no Marty-Bobby or Marty-Leo), and Cate Blanchett loves a period piece so she’s here as well.  Still, what’s the point? From the looks of the trailer and Scott’s comments on his vision, it looks as if it should have been called “Robin Hood (But really Gladiator).” Hope you’re looking forward to Scott’s upcoming take on "Monopoly"--yes, the board game--as I am.

48. Nowhere Boy (Sam Taylor Wood)
The story of everyone’s favorite tragic Beatle as a boy. Aaron Johnson is John Lennon during his childhood in Liverpool, and with this and “Kick-Ass” coming this year, expect his name to get big quick. News flash--there is publicity for this EVERYWHERE in London. Allegedly.

49. Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps (Oliver Stone)
A project I hated in its beginning stages, thinking it nothing more than another desperate attempt for a washed-up filmmaker to re-hash old material. And yet the economic mess we're in gives it a different gravitas in theory, and Michael Douglas always is fun to watch. He won a Best Actor Oscar in the original “Wall Street” as Gordon Gekko. Can’t say I like Shia LaBeof one bit, though.

50. Cracks (Jordan Scott)
Eva Green plays the role that I enjoy her in the most--the sex object--in Ridley Scott’s daughter’s directorial debut. Green is the teacher at a preppy British boarding school whom everyone has been seduced by. A conflict of power arises when a new Spanish foreign exchange student enrolls.

Thanks to The Playlist for their in-depth reporting that I got much of my information from.

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