American Idol: Episode 24 of Season Nine--The Top 11 Sing

3/24/2010 Posted by Admin

American Idol: Episode 24 of Season Nine

The Top 11 Sing Number 1s

By Catherine Fuentes

Thank you, "American Idol," for using a phrase I never thought I’d ever hear in any capacity, least of all not a singing competition: “Tonight, our mentor is Miley Cyrus.”

Tonight the top eleven "Idol" contestants sang number-one hits from the Billboard charts. Haven’t they been doing this for most of the past four weeks? And haven’t they been truly abysmal in their song choices? Yes. And tonight was no different. Next to no one picked a song from this decade--or even the past two decades--and it just wasn’t an exceptional night. Maybe Miley--a mentor who wouldn’t last this far into the competition--wasn’t the best pick for singing mentor. Who ever would have guessed?

Taking a break from his exceptionally snarky remarks this season, Ryan Seacrest pointed out the gravity of tonight’s episode: The Top 10 get to go on tour with "American Idol" this coming summer, so all eleven needed to be on their A-game. One would’ve hoped that warning would startle them into some killer performances, but alas, it didn’t.

The best of the night was easily Siobhan Magnus, who sang Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” Ridiculous chicken hair style aside, Siobhan is the only one who week after week impresses me and leaves me wanting more singing. Tonight was no different, and she ended the show on the best high note possible.

My other pick of the night was, not shockingly, Casey James. I’m sensing a Casey and Siobhan persistent trend in my weekly picks. Maybe because my love for '80s cover bands know no bounds, I loved his choice to sing “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & The News, as featured in "Back to the Future," but I thought he was truly great. My friend pointed out I listen to Casey with my eyes, but the guy plays guitar really well, and always sings really well.

I might be the only one not permanently on the Crystal Bowersox train, but I can admit that she’s probably one of the most talented ones on the show. After having Miley sign her guitar, an honor bestowed only upon “beautiful, talented females,” Crystal announced she’d be singing Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee.” Really? Crystal singing Janis Joplin? Like I didn’t see that one coming a mile away. But she was incredible (also, not a huge shock), and can have a serious future making that type of music and joining the newly reformed Lillith Fair tour--but hopefully, we can see her on the "American Idol" tour this summer instead.

In this week’s installment of head scratching song choices, Lee DeWyze opened the show with The Box Tops’ “The Ladder.” Although he put a bluesy and soulful spin on the song, it came across as cheesy. That said, it was my favorite performance of his to date in the competition, but not one of the tops of the night.

Tim Urban, who usually comes off as a bit boring, chose a song with a high-performance value with Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Despite dancing around the stage, and grabbing the hands of his adoring teen girl fans, it was an all-around mediocre performance with a cheesy vibe. I guess that was the trend of the night. That said, the teenage girls should love it, and when it comes down to it, they’re the voting public and the record buying public. Next week, Tim should steal a move from Jersey Shore’s "The Situation" and flash some abs, since otherwise, he’s teetering on relatively thin ice.

True to form, Michael Lynche picked a romantic, big R&B ballad with “When a Man Loves a Woman” and executed it beautifully. He knows who he is as an artist and exudes charisma and confidence in a way practically no one else on this season is capable of.

Finally! Katie Stevens did something that made me take a step back and remember why I was such a big fan of her auditions. Although I hate Fergie’s song “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” it’s about time Katie picked something youthful and contemporary. And she sang the hell out of it. Maybe, in this case, meeting and being mentored by Miley, was the best thing for her. Another contestant Miley helped out was the show’s other young contestant Aaron Kelly, who gave a beautiful rendition of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” As with Katie, a more contemporary song would behoove him.

Two of my old favorites who let me down tonight: Didi Benami and Andrew Garcia. Now might be the time where I stop using past successes to mentally pull them through, since neither lived up to the past performances. Both had terrible arrangements, weak performances of classic songs, and both entirely missed the mark.

As for Paige Miles, there’s really nothing I can say other than that it was awful. It was the worst top 11 "American Idol" performance in years, and if she doesn’t go home, I’ll be stunned. Sorry to be harsh, but it’s the truth--she was that bad. That song was destroyed.

My guesses for the bottom three: Paige Miles, Tim Urban and (I never thought I’d say this but…) Andrew Garcia.

My guess and pick as to who gets the boot: Paige Miles, without a doubt.

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  1. Lune said...

    I've been disappointed with Andrew in the past few weeks. I think he really set the bar high with "Straight Up," and so far, he hasn't met it. I'm glad Casey is going strong, and he really has mad guitar playing skills.