"Despicable Me" Movie Trailer Review

3/24/2010 Posted by Admin

Movie Trailer Review

Despicable Me

By our guest blogger, Chris Pavone

Universal Studio’s latest is a computer-animated adventure riding upon the successful shoulders of the resurrection of 3D films. The trailer provides a small glimpse into the world of "Despicable Me," bestowing only a silhouette of our feared villain, Gru. What is not to be feared, however, is that Gru is voiced by Steve Carell, who headlines an outstanding cast generously littered with young stars – Jason Segel, Russel Brand, Kristen Wiig, Will Arnett, Danny McBride, Jemaine Clement, Miranda Crosgrove, and the list goes on…

Although only offered a taste, it’s easy to be excited about what Gru and "Despicable Me" has in store for us. We learn that the Great Pyramid of Giza is secretly stolen and swapped with an inflatable duplicate when an undisciplined, overweight American boy breaks free from his child-leash and pounces on top of it. This mystery then begs the question--what's next?

Animated films, while more often geared toward children, are and have been for some time now expanding more toward adults. On the surface they are children’s movies, but neatly embedded within them are hidden gems of hilarious social commentary (the native Egyptian herdsmen who is knocked out of the way by a tour bus, or the trailer-dwelling, shotgun-wielding redneck who is protecting his giant can of beer). It is this witty humor that ropes in adult audiences and rides the films to box office stardom, while children enjoy the cute characters and flashy pictures.

"Despicable Me" looks to feature a conglomerate of satirical pokes and prods that may upset the most sensitive of critics, hence doing its job in making audiences run to the restrooms laughing. It also appears that it will indulge viewers in a creative, adventurous mystery, all successful ingredients for a midsummer release.

Hold on to your landmarks, starting July 9, 2010.

View the trailer for "Despicable Me" below. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Great Review! Universal's animated films are no comparison to Disney's (Disney's animation has and always will be flawless and ahead of its time) but I'm still looking forward to this one.