Music Review: Alkaline Trio's "This Addiction"

3/01/2010 Posted by Admin

Music Review

Alkaline Trio's "This Addiction"

By our guest blogger, Gabrielle Corrado

Chicago rockers Alkaline Trio released their seventh studio album, "This Addiction," on February 19. The release of "The Addicition" is particularly notable for the fact that it’s the very first release from the band’s own recently formed Heart & Skull label. In an interview with Epitaph Records, front man Matt Skiba said, “Taking control of our own label situation was something we always wanted to do but never thought was possible…Heart & Skull/Epitaph is truly a dream come true for us.”

Alkaline Trio’s loyal fans undoubtedly echo Skiba’s sentiment. I, for one, find the record to be excellent--I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of sounds. Some tracks, especially "Off the Map." "Piss and Vinegar," and "Dead On the Floor" reminded me of Alkaline Trio’s older hits, such as "Every Thug Needs A Lady." While it’s certainly refreshing to see that the band has managed to retain their identity seven albums out, I also appreciate the tracks that suggest a new direction for the Trio.

The beautifully mournful "Draculina" is perfectly on-trend with the recent vampire craze and also showcases a slower, more melodic sound, while "The American Scream" demonstrates Alkaline Trio’s ability to explore topics other than love and loss (in this case, war). Additionally, I particularly enjoyed the last tracks of "This Addiction"--the acoustic covers of "This Addiction," "Dine, Dine My Darling," "Dead On the Floor" and "Fine." As a big fan of acoustic covers in general, it’s no surprise that I adore these songs-- Alkaline Trio’s various witticisms and heartfelt lamentations really come to life in acoustic form.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of "This Addiction." I’m proud of the band for striking it out on their own and forming Heart & Skull in addition to producing a stellar album for the label. Additionally, I think Alkaline Trio’s longevity is a testament to their talent--after seven albums, I--along with legions of fans across the world--still remain addicted.

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