Music Review: Free Energy's “Stuck on Nothing”

3/10/2010 Posted by Admin

Music Review

Free Energy's “Stuck on Nothing”

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Free Energy’s debut album, “Stuck on Nothing,” is a poppy set of songs that is sure to make young girls hearts skip a beat this summer. The group's music is catchy but still parent friendly. They have a sound that is very happy and positive but not in a Jonas Brothers way--it’s more grown up and independent than that.

Indie music is moving towards a younger generation--Ben Gibbard is married and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are busy making children’s music. There are bands just waiting to take their place, but what audience do they play to--the jaded 20 somethings who dislike a band as soon as they like it, or the tweens who can gobble up everything but also love Hannah Montana?

Free Energy has found a niche where they can appeal to both adults and tweens alike. They are the kind of band 14-year-old girls are going to swoon over like Owl City, but there also is a bit of glam rock feel about them that makes older listeners want to hear more. Nylon magazine and Pitchfork both have crushes on this band, so their indie cred is sealed. They have a catchy and happy sound without being overly sappy. The songs aren’t drastically different from one another so it can be easy to just have them kind of all blend together.

Fortunately, they sound good, so it’s okay.

Some of the highlights of Free Energy’s “Stuck on Nothing” include “Dream City"--it’s got kind of a softness and accessibility about it.  “Dream City” is one of those songs that people will not be able to get enough of. I also like the saxophone that just kind of sneaks in there. They do this on more than one song, new instruments just pop in a way that add a sense of layering to the song and gives them a better sound. “All I know” is sweet and would make a great stand-alone single.  Same goes for  the later tune, “Light Love.” In order to solidify their status as tween girl crushes, Free Energy have written a cute little ditty called “Hope Child.” This is the one girls will want these boys to sing to them, particularly because of these lyrics:  “hey pretty eyes . . . hey happy toes.”  If I were 14 and single, I would be in love right now.

Free Energy is a band with huge potential--they have figured out how to reach tweens and adults alike. Their music is catchy and optimistic without being hokey and their songs are generally good. So long as they stay on this fine line that they’ve created and don’t reach too far to one side or the other, Free Energy will have a long and successful career ahead of them.

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