"The Switch" Movie Trailer Review

3/26/2010 Posted by Admin

Movie Trailer Review

"The Switch"

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

You ever get drunk at a party and do something stupid? Ever accidentally dump a sperm donor's sample and have to replace it yourself? Well, that's the predicament Jason Batemen finds himself in the “The Switch.”

Jason Bateman stars as Wally. Wally's best friend, Kassie (Jennifer Aniston), feels it's time to have a child. So, she finds a sperm donor. Wally gets drunk at her insemination party and ends up dumping the sperm donor's donation. In his drunken haze, he decides it would be a good idea to refill it himself. Kassie moves away, but comes back seven years later with a child. As it turns out, the kids looks like and acts as neurotic as Wally.

While Wally's neurosis aren't really explored in the trailer, everything else looks pretty good. Bateman and Aniston are both solid. With Jeff Goldblum in a supporting role, it looks like the cast is well rounded. Many of the jokes in the trailer are funny enough. Thomas Robinson as young Sebastian gives a few chuckles. It's funny hearing the young boy claim he has some kind of thyme disorder. Of course, if you're sick of precocious children, this movie may not be for you.

“The Switch” looks like it'll be a decent movie. It probably won't be the next great comedy, but the cast members have all proven their comedic chops before. It's co-directed by the two men who did “Blades of Glory,” and while that movie had its problems, it was still able to elicit laughter. “The Switch” is a movie to keep an eye on if you want to laugh.  It opens August 20, 2010.

View the trailer for "The Switch" below. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I can't imagine this happening in RL. I guess that's what makes it so incredibly funny!