Television Review: "Real World DC" – Episode 11

3/15/2010 Posted by Admin

Television Review

Real World DC – Episode 11

By our guest blogger, Gita Gupte

Andrew found love this week on the “Real World DC” and the question became this: “Is he ready for it?” For once, he spent the episode getting to know a girl instead of simply making a B-line for the bedroom. He was pleasantly surprised that women might be worth having around for longer than a one-night-stand and found himself falling hard for Andrea. Having been hurt before, Andrew’s baggage from past misfortunes with love caused a wall between him and his new love-interest and gave way to trouble later in the episode.

On boys’ night, Andrew served as distracter to the gal-pal of the object of Josh’s affection. Though his initial interaction with the friend was simply because he wanted Josh to have alone time with her friend, Andrew later toyed with the idea of possibly liking her. This all went down at the Real World house and oddly enough, in front of his would-be girlfriend, Andrea. I was surprised that Andrea didn’t just walk out on the scene ensuing in front of her, but rather stuck around to talk to Andrew about it. This foray into productive communication proved fruitful when the conversation ended in the escalation of their relationship to boyfriend/girlfriend status.

While Andrew was busy making strides and growing as a person, Erika was more jealous and depressed than ever. This was palpable several times during the episode, when she grew mad at her friends for enjoying a soccer game, complained once again that no-one does anything that she likes, whined about not being successful in DC, and cried over an internship she never had. While Erika spent the entire episode feeling bad for herself, she never did anything productive and then threatened to leave the house for good (yes, this is the second time she’s done this).

I believe that Erika is very much the spoiled brat she was once accused by Ashley of being. If she ever stopped whining, maybe she would realize that to be in a successful band, she has to actually work at it and that it is not going to magically happen out of nowhere.

In contrast to flippant Erika, Callie had success this week at her internship. Her photo made the cover of the paper she writes for. I give her props for using the internship to its full advantage and seeing the positive in everything. I also appreciate her attempt to help Erika see the opportunities available to her, but I wish Callie would realize that you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.

The previews for next week hint at Erika’s final exit from the house and all I have to say is, goodbye and good riddance.

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