Television Review: "Real World" Episode 12 Recap & Review

3/23/2010 Posted by Admin

Television Review

"Real World" Episode 12 Recap & Review

By our guest blogger, Gita Gupte

This week, Andrew attempted to get serious and focused his energies on securing an internship. But serious is a relative term when you show up to a job interview wearing a graphic-T with planets all over the front. Miraculously though, he was given a shot at the Washington Times and allowed to tag along on a trip to the White House to get a glimpse of President Obama. This made wannabe-Congressman roommate, Mike, jealous, but only for about a minute.   As he said:  “I’m very happy for you, but I want to punch you also.”

Andrew then missed a deadline for submission of his work and used the bogus excuse, “We were having scanner issues,” to get out of it. He finally does get his work in a day after the deadline and his boss is pleased. Hooray for Andrew!

Next we had bratty Erika elated at the arrival of her boyfriend, Ian, and his entourage. It’s not even a minute after their arrival that Erika becomes one of those friends that pushes her boyfriend’s friend on you just so that the four of you can go on double dates. Callie was open to the idea, but when she met said-friend Evan, she wasn’t digging his vibe. This made Erika throw yet another hissie fit (surprise, surprise) and she calls out Callie for being “stand-offish.”

As the episode progresses, Erika’s propensity to drop tears unprovoked is amazingly high. We see her crying on staircases, crying in the hot tub room, crying in the confessional--you get the idea. If there were a drinking game for every time Erika cried and threatened to leave the house for good, we’d have a lot of drunken people on our hands.

The remainder of the episode shows the back-and-forth of her decision-making process, which basically entails seeing which of her friend groups (home vs. Real World) can make a better business-case for why Erika is important to them. This girl’s need for attention is tiring and I was glad to see that the roommates were over her when she said that she would “stay for them.” Seeing their lack of enthusiasm at this proposition, she finally declares her exit, and I couldn’t of been happier to see her go.

I am looking forward to the Reunion episode when her roommates can give her a no-hold-back piece of their mind. I am sure the waterworks will be out and about again.

Get your shot glasses ready.

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