Video Interview/Advanced Look: "Green Zone"

3/06/2010 Posted by Admin

Video Interview/Advanced Look: "Green Zone"

By Christopher Smith

With director Paul Greengrass collaborating with his “Bourne Supremacy” and “Bourne Ultimatum” star, Matt Damon, their latest thriller is set in the chaotic early days of the Iraq War. It’s 2003 and we’re in Badhdad, where no one can be trusted and every decision could detonate into unforeseen consequences.

Damon is Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller, whose mission is to find weapons of mass destruction, but who instead stumbles upon an elaborate cover-up that inverts the purpose of his mission. Now, Miller must hunt through covert and faulty intelligence hidden on foreign soil for answers that either will clear a rogue regime or escalate a war in an unstable region.

Given the subject and Greengrass and Damon’s previous successes, “Greenzone” should be a smart, sophisticated thriller filled with action. The movie opens this Friday, March 12, where it’s sure to draw fans of the action/war genre, and put the heat under the competition.

View WeekinRewind's video interview/advanced look at "Green Zone" below.  What are your thoughts?

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