American Idol: Episode 31 of Season Nine--The Top Nine Results

4/15/2010 Posted by Admin


American Idol: Episode 31 of Season Nine--The Top Nine Results

The Double Elimination I Didn’t See Coming Two Months Ago

By our guest blogger, Catherine Fuentes

In January, I felt confident in announcing the best female contestant of the season and the best male contestant. Three months ago, I felt one of the two would win this season. As soon as the live Top 12 competition started, I realized that they weren’t the best, and that I was getting rather frustrated with both of them. Last night, both of them went home.

Two months ago, after watching Andrew Garcia sing “Straight Up” in Hollywood week – a performance I still consider the best Hollywood Week audition in "Idol" history – I wrote that he would win the whole thing this season. On Wednesday, he became the first male of the season to get voted off.

For anyone who’s been following the show or this column, that “Straight Up” moment was never duplicated, and he never came close to it. This week, I, like so many other Andrew fans, decided something that happened two months ago could not carry him through any longer.

In terms of the filler performances and video footage, tonight wasn’t half bad. To kick off Idol Gives Back week, there were videos of past contestants and judges doing charitable deeds throughout the world. It’s great thinking that an American talent show is an avenue for people to get truly involved in charities they believe in across the entire world.

Former contestant Brooke White also performed, giving a performance with Justin Gaston. I spent the duration of their incredibly weak and boring duet trying to figure out if the guy was Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend.

Then came easily the best results show performance of the season--Adam Lambert. Enjoy his music or not, you have to admit that he puts on an incredible live performance. It’s remarkable to think that a year ago, he was in the "Idol" contestants’ shoes, because he hits the stage like a seasoned veteran. Of course, back when he was competing on the show, he gave incredible performances that blew the other contestants out of the water. A year later, and I still don’t agree with Kris Allen’s victory.

Katie Stevens was given the boot shortly after Adam’s performance. Although she gave a pretty good performance on Tuesday, I figured this was her week to go. I knew the Double Elimination would hurt people like her or Tim, who perpetually find themselves in the Bottom Three. The only issue this week that changed things was that Tim, who has a huge fan base, gave his best performance yet, and I was beginning to realize Katie was lacking the fan support of the other contestants.

Next week the theme is Inspirational Songs – I can’t imagine how that will pan out, but I feel it might be pretty good. It’ll certainly be better than Elvis night. It’s a theme that can knock Siobhan back onto her path of greatness, and Crystal and Big Mike will find something so perfectly appropriate. Those three are capable to pick the big powerful songs that lend themselves so perfectly for an inspirational theme.

My theory for the rest of the season is that Crystal Bowersox, Casey James and Lee DeWyze will comprise the Top Three. Casey and Lee have had a serious upward trajectory throughout the contest, and both have tons of fan support. Crystal has not once missed the mark in a song choice or a performance. Even when she sings something that isn’t her best, it’s still better than the majority of the performances that given episode. Those three have the talent and the personality to make it that far, and each week, they are showered with the most praise.

I feel like while Tim Urban will last longer than he should, eventually when more talented people get eliminated over him, there’ll be an adjustment where he’ll get voted off because he has to. He’s not good enough to win the whole thing. Big Mike already has shown that if he gives a weak performance, he doesn’t have the overwhelming support to pull him through – although, I don’t think Mike will be making any major missteps given last week’s outcome. Siobhan deserves to be in the Top 4, but I think over the past couple of weeks, she’s had a shaky streak that may ultimately hurt her. However, because she’s one of two females standing, I think she’s safe for some time. Aaron Kelly is just totally forgettable (I almost inadvertently left him off this list) and I think that’s going to hurt him.

I feel like now I need to go watch Andrew’s “Straight Up” on YouTube to remember him on a high note.

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