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These contests are for those ending up until today. As usual, it took us time to hunt everyone down, but we finally did.  In the end, it comes down to only several dozen winners.

Thanks to all the studios and all my reps for making this happen. We all appreciate it!

All of you have been contacted now if you won the above contests. 

Many are playing those contests daily, Twittering daily, emailing daily, commenting daily and the competition is intense--but EVERYONE has a chance to win, so play!!

Those seeking exclusive giveaways found only on Facebook should become a fan of our Facebook page by clicking the below graphic and selecting "Become a Fan."


LIST OF WINNERS (you've been contacted--check your email, Twitter direct message or Facebook account).

L. Grant
C. McPherson
V. Han
B. Mitchell
R. Goodwin
K. Pearson
O. Walton
G. Larson
E. McDowell
J. Weiss
B. Gibson
B. Lehman
A. Pruitt
G. Hinton
J. Coley
G. Harris
N. Callahan
M. Crabtree
B. McKee
A. Cole
G. Stuart
L. Davies
G. Clarke
T. Houston
C. Hatcher
C. Hogan
D. Floyd
R. Marcus
T. Starr
J. Hirsch
N. Beach
A. Cassidy
R. Britt
A. Thomas
H. Watts
K. Stephens
L. Johnson
J. Williams
M. Clapp
E. Mitchell
J. Brady
S. Peck
A. Small
T. Wood
S. Ward
H. Meadows
S. Green
B. Hampton
R. Blake
L. Creech
A. Stanley
E. Talley
W. Blackburn
J. Riley
W. Sykes
P. Connolly
J. McFarland
S. Hobbs
R. Payne
D. Sullivan
K. Bradford
C. Sloan
J. Rosen
B. Wooten
C. Austin
K. Chung
D. McLaughlin
C. Steele
W. Teague
G. Hill
S. Melton
K. Puckett
P. Song
E. Hamilton
H. Bender
M. Wagner
F. Vick
D. Gallagher
G. Solomon
N. Walsh
A. Monroe
B. Connolly
S. Hawkins
I. Graves
V. Fischer
M. May
S. Jennings
D. Hanna
M. Locklear
K. Holloway
S. Jones
N. Glover
O. Vick
H. O'Donnell
G. Goldman
J. McKenna
P. Starr
T. Stone
M. McClure
F. Watson
N. Hobbs
D. Adkins
D. Kinney
C. Abrams
G. Ferrell
R. Schultz
L. Gray
H. Singleton
W. Anthony
A. Stuart
L. Frazier
R. Brandon
V. Lloyd
P. Holland
C. O'Neill
D. Warren
B. Sutherland
P. O'Brien

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  1. SlugBug said...

    Congrats winners. I'm still waiting for my first win.