George Lucas To Try To Be Intentionally Funny For Once

4/14/2010 Posted by Admin


George Lucas To Try To Be Intentionally Funny For Once

By our guest blogger, Marie Biondolillo

Never one to quit abusing a dead horse, George Lucas is trying to squeeze yet another redheaded stepchild out of the withered remains of the "Star Wars" husk. Lucasfilm Animation recently announced that they have an animated "Star Wars" comedy in the works.

Pardon me if I can contain my delight. The fact is, Lucas destroyed any goodwill I might have had for him right around the time that Hayden Christensen's balls finally dropped. I don't care if they get Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and entire cast of "Party Down" to voice this thing--it's still not going to be any good.

The only reason the first three (or "real three") "Star Wars" movies were funny is because of Harrison Ford. Ford had a dry, lazy delivery that added humor to lines that would otherwise have dropped like anvils. Lucas's cloying sincerity turned to comedy gold in Ford's hands.

The new series will be set in the "Star Wars universe," meaning that it may or may not feature beloved comedy powerhouses like Qui-Gon and Queen Amidala. So what can we expect? A reboot of "All in the Family," starring Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru? A "Nash Bridges"-style cop caper featuring Mace Windu teamed up with unlikely partner, Jango Fett? A workplace comedy along the lines of "Parks and Recreation" about a bunch of bored Galactic Senators?

If history has taught us anything, it's been about the perils of unchecked imperialism. Also, the need for a system of checks and balances in order to sustain a true democracy. However, attentive students of human nature should also have noticed that George Lucas is not to be trusted. He can make Samuel L. Jackson seem boring, he can make Natalie Portman look unattractive, he can shatter the dreams of millions of children without thinking twice. He can ruin this series--and he will.


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