Gossip Girl – Episode 18 Recap & Review

4/19/2010 Posted by Admin

Television Review

Gossip Girl – Episode 18 Recap & Review

By our guest blogger, Gita Gupte

This week on "Gossip Girl," we finally get to see the aftermath of the Blair/Chuck blowout. Unfortunately, it was nothing too gripping. In the midst of Dorota’s wedding, Chuck and Blair hash it out, from party games to calling names, these two finally decide to get back together. This is because Blair thinks she’s sunk so low in her indecent proposal antics that she doesn’t deserve anything better. But upon seeing the real love all around her, be it Nate and Serena or Dorota and her fiancé, Blair realizes that love games are for the faint at heart. She finally decides to let Chuck go once and for all, and I am fairly certain this decision will last--at least through the end of the season.

Hints at a new love for Blair were also delivered--she made peace with long-time foe, Dan Humphrey, and by the end of the episode these two were downing shots with Blair’s parents. If things go the way I expect them to with Dan and Vanessa--the betrayal regarding the Tisch writing program will certainly put Dan in the singles category soon enough--leaving the door open for a newly reformed, Blair Waldorf.

The Serena/Nate/Jenny love triangle heated up this week when Jenny used any excuse at all to sellout Serena and dish to Nate about S’ clandestine meeting with the back in town Carter Baizen. Confusion undoubtedly ensued and Serena gambled her relationship with Nate to once again search for her elusive father--only to find that her mother has known where he is all along. While Nate wallows in his insecurity regarding Carter and Serena, Jenny uses this as an opportunity to get closer to the object of her affection. Will it work? The previews for next week hint at a maybe.

Eric has recently returned from an unexplained hiatus and is chasing boys. His recent run-in with a bisexual Prince Charming hints that a new relationship is about to ensue.

While Eric gets a chance at a new beginning, his mother is soon to have a new end. Lily and Rufus are going to be on the rocks again since Rufus discovered this week that Lily is off somewhere that is NOT Canyon Ranch. Where could she be? With Mr. van der Wooodsen--not surprising--but I am curious to see if this character that has been referred to in numerous episodes will ever actually be seen by viewers.

I must take a moment to make a sidebar comment about Rufus, who has taken on the role of househusband a bit too well. In one scene we see him on the phone trying to track down his wife with a glass of whiskey in his hand--is this really the same guy who was a '90s rockstar? He seems pretty yuppified to me.

All in all, this week was a bit of a bore, but probably one notch up from the rest of the season. That’s not saying much, but at least there are some dramatic storylines in our future.

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