"The Human Centipede" Movie Trailer Review

4/07/2010 Posted by Admin

Movie Trailer Review

"The Human Centipede"

By our guest blogger, Joel Crabtree

The title "The Human Centipede (The First Sequence)" evokes images of monster movies from the '50s such as "Them!" or "The Fly." But alas, those premises no longer satisfy the morbid curiosity of the modern moviegoer.

Instead, "The Human Centipede" is about a demented doctor with a plan to surgically connect several people into a "Siamese triplet" AKA the human centipede. There's a lovely diagram featured in the trailer as well as a glimpse of the final product. It's an idea so grotesque, it must have Jigsaw and the boys from Lionsgate wondering "How did we not think of this?"

The surgeon intercepts two American tourists while in Germany as the girls get a flat tire on the way to a club. The doctor proceeds to hold them captive for his experiment. They run, they hide, they probably claw at him a few times — it's all been done before.

"Centipede" looks to combine everyone's favorite genres, surgically fusing torture porn with house captivity — think "The Strangers" meets "Saw." It's not a pretty picture. But what's particularly disheartening about the trailer is that the film doesn't appear to have its own personality. It just looks like a mash-up of recent horror trends that takes itself way too seriously.

The movie is sold solely on its "Human Centipede" experiment. Will that draw audiences in? I hope not.

The film's tag line claims it's "100% medically accurate." I don't even know if that's a joke. Either way, I'll pass.

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  1. Anthony Crabtree said...

    I, for one, look forward to this film. I see your complaints and concerns, and have already discussed them with you, but I can't help but think that based on the trailer, you're not giving this film a fair shot. Sure, it may be terrible. But it also might have more of a purpose than you are giving it credit.

  2. Anthony Crabtree said...

    I have to say, I walked away from this film satisfied. It's surprisingly not too over the top with violence and gore, which may disappoint some, but for me the performance of Dieter Laser completely made this film worth watching.