Kate Nash's “My Best Friend is You” Review

4/27/2010 Posted by Admin

Music Review

Kate Nash's “My Best Friend is You

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

Kate Nash came onto the scene on the heels of Lily Allen. They both were quirky British songstresses with a penchant for tea-length dresses and a bit of tartness about them. I liked Kate Nash better--her album, “Made of Bricks,” was perfect for riding my bike on a sunny afternoon. Now, three years later, she has released “My Best Friend is You.”

The first track, “Paris,” is a grand opening that sets the pace and to some extent, the sound of the album. For those who loved the intimacy that came with certain songs on “Made of Bricks,” be warned that that understanding is replaced by a highly orchestrated sound. The listeners are forced to focus on the instrumentation instead of the words. Her lyrics are still biting and poetic, but they tend to get lost in the over-orchestration.

Some songs are spots of sheer brilliance. “Take Me a Higher Plane” has a Jenny Lewis like quality to it. Other pieces use a frantic build up of lyrics and music to create a beautiful sense of urgency that pulls the listener in. Yet just like “Made of Bricks,” there are definite misses on “My Best Friend is You.” “I’ve Got a Secret” is not her strongest effort and “You Were So Far Away” is downright depressing. Hands down, the most controversial piece is “Mansion Song.” While the gripping nature and execution of the work is extremely well done, the song pops up like “Revolution #9.” “Mansion Song” takes the listener entirely out of the album; it would have been better at the end.

I listened to the album and I didn’t really enjoy it. Only “I Hate Seagulls” is recognizable Nash. But I don’t feel like I will always dislike “My Best Friend is You.” “Made of Bricks” took a few listens to really get into the songs, and now it is my go to sunny-day album. Listen to “My Best Friend is You” at your own risk. My final ruling on the album isn’t complete yet, but I do know that I like her earlier work much better.

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