"The Last Song" Video Movie Review (2010)

4/03/2010 Posted by Admin

Video Movie Review

"The Last Song"

By Christopher Smith

Editor's note: Below follows text from the video review itself.

The title for the new Miley Cyrus movie, “The Last Song," has it all wrong.  The film should have been titled “Miley Cyrus’ Last Movie Ever. We Promise. Now, here’s your money back.”

Based on Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel, the film is set in a small Southern beach town, where a father played by Greg Kinnear spends the summer with his angry daughter, Ronnie, who’d rather be home in New York. Or at least that’s the case until she meets one of the stud locals, who connects with Ronnie over forced laughter, plucked heartstrings and abused pianos.

There isn’t enough moonshine in the world to keep this mooning at bay. With everyone here knocking back and spewing the sort of cliched dialogue you just want to shrink away from, “The Last Song” needs to be read its last rights. Nobody here is believable, particularly Cyrus, who delivers one of the worst, most ungainly performances in recent memory. “The Last Song” hits the big bong of banality early on, and it never recovers.

Grade: D-flat.

View the video review below. What are your thoughts of the movie?

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  1. Kyle E. said...

    You are far to critical although that is your job I suppose. Miley Cyrus does a fine job for a young actress how is just coming into her own separating herself from her childhood role. This movie delivers a powerful message and can and will strongly speak to anyone how does or ever has had an issue with their father. It can teach you to put those things behind you and make amends before it is to late, because if you wait to long it will be to late.