The Must List: April 2 – April 8, 2010

4/02/2010 Posted by Admin

Must List: April 2, 2010 – April 8, 2010

By our guest blogger, Spencer Morton


“Clash of the Titans” – This film will not be critically acclaimed. In fact, it’s likely to be torn to pieces by most professional critics. So, why recommend “Clash of the Titans”? First of all, there’s nothing else to recommend. It’s either this, a hideous-looking Tyler Perry entry, or a Nicholas Sparks adaptation featuring Miley Cyrus. Secondly, “Clash of the Titans” may actually have its cinematic merits.

The trailer looks down right ridiculous--in a good way. It features some amazing visuals, a seemingly non-stop thread of action, and a ton of mindless fun. Audiences expecting cunning dialogue, thorough character development, or a logical plot may want to look elsewhere. “Clash of the Titans” was made for one reason, to unload as many cool visual tricks and 3D effects as possible. The film will pale visually in comparison to last year’s juggernaut, “Avatar,” but then again, so will everything else.

Starring in the film is the bankable new star, Sam Worthington, and veterans, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. Behind the camera is Louis Leterrier, whose previous works include “The Incredible Hulk,” and “Transporter 2.”

“Clash of the Titans” should be a visual feast, and it’s most definitely the best film released this week. Check out this frenzied remake when it hits theater on Friday (4/2).

View WeekinRewind's preview of the movie below:

*Runner-up: There can’t be a runner-up in a one man race. This week, it’s a one man race. Sorry Miley.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” (Blu-ray) – The long-awaited Blu-ray release for one of the most beloved trilogies is finally upon us. Blu-ray owners will be treated to perfectly crisp images of gnarly orcs, scruffy dwarfs, and the beautiful landscapes of Middle Earth. The Blu-ray, theatrical editions of all three films will be released on Tuesday (4/6). has lists a price of $63.99 for all three.

This trilogy may be one of the most deserving of a Blu-ray transfer. In addition to being visually stunning, all three films are aurally spectacular. The sounds and the soundtrack itself are perfect when viewed on standard DVD. It will be interesting to see how they improve with a Blu-ray transfer.

*Runner-up: “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans – Nicholas Cage, no doubt, has acted undeniably crazy in many films. The lunacy he emits in “Bad Lieutenant” is on a whole new level, even for him. He plays Terence McDonagh, a drug addict, rapist, criminal cop. He’s neurotic and psychotic and lets it all hang out. The movie itself is pretty average, but Cage takes it to the next level. What an underrated performance. Check out “Bad Lieutenant” when it hits stores on Tuesday (4/6).


Jónsi – “Go”: Jón ‘Jónsi’ Þór Birgisson is an unheralded musician who makes beautiful music. Jónsi is best known as the front man of the Icelandic band, Sigur Ros. Sigur Rós is currently on hiatus while Jónsi pursues his solo career. “Go” is the debut album from this innovative musician.

Jónsi’s solo musical style is an offshoot of what he did with Sigur Rós. It’s more fast-paced, more upbeat, but just as magical. Sigur Rós is known for their ethereal sounds, breathtaking crescendos, and creativity. Members of Sigur Rós have been known to play bass with a drumstick or play guitar with a violin bow. Jonsi seamlessly transfers this creativity and majestic sound onto his debut album.

“Go Do” is the first single of the album. It is a frantically paced track that showcases true musicianship. The percussion in the song is made by Jónsi stepping on a suitcase and slapping his lap. It’s amazing. Jónsi’s music is best listened to eyes closed, mind free, and relaxed. His music has the ability to take the listener to another world. Be willing to take that journey. Check out “Go” when it is released on Monday (4/5).

Songs to download:
“Boy Lilikoi”
“Go Do”

*Runner-up: Slash – “Slash: Speaking of debut solo albums from amazing artists in epic bands. Guitarist, Slash, of Guns ‘n’ Roses fame releases his debut solo album on Tuesday (4/6). The album will feature a variety of vocalists from a myriad of genres including: Fergie, Adam Levine, M. Shadows, Kid Rock, Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell, and Ozzy Osbourne. This should be good.


Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees (Opening Day) – Different sports do different things for a lot of people. Football has replaced church as the main event on Sundays. Basketball has arguably the most bankable athletes on the planet, making it quite appealing. Hockey even has its merits. One sport remains untouchable, however. That is the sport of baseball.

Opening day unites baseball lovers all over the country. Which team will most benefit from offseason moves? Will the Pirates or Royals finally be relevant? Who will reign victorious at the end of October? There isn’t a more perfect way to open the 2010 season than with the Red Sox and the Yankees. The two teams hate each other more than Michael Bay hates making good movies. Both fan bases are about as loyal and as cutthroat as they come.

Hard-throwing Yankee C.C. Sabbathia will take the hill against Josh Beckett of the Red Sox. Both bullpens are considered the best in baseball. This three game stand will tell a lot about each team and if their busy offseason moves paid off. Check out the Red Sox battle the Yankees on opening night of the 2010 Major League Baseball season on NESN at 8 ET.

*Runner-up: “Southland” (Season Finale) – “Southland” is a drastically underrated show. Though it may teeter a little too much toward typical, cliché cop drama, its characters are interesting enough to make it worthwhile. Ben McKenzie of “The O.C.” fame delivers consistently convincing performances as young Officer Ben Sherman. Michael Cudlitz as the cynical, jaded Officer Cooper is quite noteworthy. Don’t miss the action as season two of “Southland” winds down on Tuesday (4/6) at 10/9c on TNT.

Music Video

Lil Wayne – “Drop the World”

Whether you are feeling Lil Wayne’s new rock album, “Rebirth,” it’s hard to deny the quality of the premiere track, “Drop the World.” To many listeners, it is the only highlight of the album. The track features a nice steady beat, an auto tune-less Lil Wayne, and a fiery verse from Eminem. The video for “Drop the World” was released earlier this week.

The video isn’t amazing. It’s got some cool shots and some interesting imagery. Essentially, the video focuses on Lil Wayne and Eminem while they rap in the middle of the streets where people are rioting all around them. People are smashing in car windows, setting things on fire, and simply causing mass destruction. Eminem’s whole rap seems pretty cheesy though. He’s standing on a fake looking pile of destruction, surrounded by fire, with a cheesy CGI backdrop of the city in the background.

All in all, pretty mediocre video, but this is a hot song right now so it’s worth a view. Check it out below:

Viral Video

160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Schwarzenegger is a walking quote machine--admit it. This video tastefully blends together his best one-liners into a pretty cool video. Many of them go with each other really well and are inevitably hilarious. 160 quotes seems like a pretty random number, but it gets the job done. All the classic lines are here. Check out the video below for a good laugh:

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