"My Name is Bruce" Movie, DVD Review

4/05/2010 Posted by Admin

Movie, DVD Review

"My Name is Bruce"

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

B-movie fans rejoice! “My Name is Bruce” came out on DVD last year. Even if you are a fan of Bruce Campbell (the titular Bruce), the flick might have slipped under your radar. It didn’t get much mainstream marketing. But, now you can go out and purchase the DVD to watch in the comfort of your own home.

In “My Name is Bruce,” a dedicated Bruce Campbell fan accidentally unleashes the Chinese god of war (and protector of the bean curd) Guan-di while he and his friends are in a graveyard. The fan does the only sensible thing to do in the situation: abduct Bruce Campbell in the hopes he can live up the manly image he often portrays.

Those who enjoy B-movies will find much to enjoy in this movie. But fans of Bruce Campbell will mine the most enjoyment out of it. Campbell is brilliantly hammy as a boozing, perverse version of himself. His over-the-top acting meshes perfectly with mood of the film. Everything about this movie is ridiculous with plenty of references to the horror genre and Campbell’s previous works.

During much of the movie, Campbell pokes fun at not only the industry, but also his own career. “Cavealien 2,” the movie the character Bruce works on, is an early example. It’s a sequel to a cheesy sci-fi movie where Bruce plays a pastiche the type of characters Campbell is known for playing. Not even the fans are safe from skewering. The main fan showcased is obsessed with Bruce, confusing the man for the characters he plays.

Ted Raimi also shows up, playing no less than three different roles. A few of other Campbell movie vets also pop by for appearances.

If you are a fan of Campbell, you probably already know if you want to see it or not. For those on the fence, let this review confirm it is indeed worthwhile to watch, as long as you’re not tired of the tongue-in-cheek nature of many of Campbell’s movies. It never takes itself seriously and is filled with funny moments throughout. “My Name is Bruce” is an excellent way to spend an hour and a half.

Grade: B

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