Oceans: Video Movie Review (2010)

4/19/2010 Posted by Admin

Video Movie Review


Directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, 100 minutes, rated G.

By Christopher Smith

From directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, who brought us the equally great “Winged Migration,” comes this terrific movie that takes us is deep within the world's least-explored frontier--the ocean.

Pierce Brosnan narrates with reservoirs of controlled wonderment, while Perrin and Cluzaud dig into the ocean’s wild frenzy of fishes and its nooks and crannies in ways that raise questions (and awe) about how they captured certain shots, one of which involves a blue whale that took them 28 weeks of waiting to bring to the screen.

Throughout, the photography is crisp, often stunning--after seeing this, you’ll never view the oceans the same way again. What the movie reveals so powerfully is just how little we still know about our waters and their inhabitants.

In the end, the film is something of a gift. You watch in admiration for all of the effort that went into its creation--the attention to detail is on par with anything in "Life in the Undergrowth," "Winged Migration” or the French documentary, "Microcosmos." And yet "Oceans" is its own masterpiece, offering new views of the deep that sometimes are beautiful, other times vicious, sometimes cute and almost always thrilling. If ever there was a film needed right now to underscore the importance of preserving our world and its life-giving waters, this is it.

Grade: A

View WeekinRewind's video review of the movie below.  What are your thoughts of the film?  Are you planning on seeing it?

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