"Southland": “What Makes Sammy Run?” Season 2, Episode 5 Review

4/01/2010 Posted by Admin

Television Review

"Southland": “What Makes Sammy Run?” Season 2, Episode 5

By our guest blogger, Sanela Djokovic

It was time for “Southland” to check in on Detectives Bryant and Moretta. Fortunately for us, this week’s episode of “Southland” wasn’t just a filler installment of “Catching up with Nate & Sammy.” Instead, the issues revolving the gang task force and Byrant’s personal life provided viewers with the most exciting and emotional moments the drama has produced this season, with only one more chance to top it—next week’s seasonal finale.

Spoilers herein.

Detectives Bryant and Moretta (Shawn Hatosy and Kevin Alejandro) have been helping out Detective Gil Puente on his gang task force for awhile now, but the progress has been slow and Detective Salinger wants his men back on the street. Puente’s conviction, however, has not dimmed and he only spares Bryant.

A club shooting leaves two gang-bangers dead, one of them gets his brains blasted all over his date--who happens to be Detective Nate Moretta’s daughter, Mercedes. The investigation leads to an unlikely cartel operation between the Mexican gangs and the African-American gangs. Det. Salinger links his old pal Trinney Day (Wood Harris) to the collaboration, but it isn’t until Officers Cooper and Sherman answer a domestic dispute call that they get some real answers. The two officers discover millions of dollars in cash and find that the resident of the home is an important link for the task force. In fact, he fills them in on Trinney’s involvement and on the fact that he had been skimming the profits. The force raids Trinney’s premises, only to find his severed head in a box.

Meanwhile, Bryant is back on streets and back to trying to talk some sense into his young friend Juan (a.k.a. Little Casper), who is caught tagging. Bryant’s desire to be a father is fostered in his relationship with Juan and he decides to invest his time in Juan’s life. He takes him to the movies, tries to make him believe he has options and discovers that Juan is an avid reader. When Bryant is surprised to learn that "Where the Wild Things Are" is also a book, Juan sharply replies “It’s a classic, fool. Where you been?” But Bryant is dealt an painful blow when he arrives at the murder scene of a young boy and learns that Juan pulled the trigger (after he was jumped by a group of boys).

Bryant’s devastation is not cushioned when he goes home, where he learns that his wife, Tammy, spent the day getting stoned with a teenage stoner. While Tammy was nearly passed out, her provider took her camera and laptop, which included photographs of a known gangster.

Bryant’s relationship with Juan was a natural one, where Bryant could invest some of his fatherly instincts and where Juan could gain some confidence. It was heartwarming. But the essence of “Southland” kicked that warmth in the gut with this week’s tragic ending. It gave us an affecting, gut-wrenching moment of honest sensation and sheer sadness. It was raw emotion that evoked raw emotion, Shawn Hatosy showing a glimpse of brilliance and honesty. Hatosy could definitely arise as a fan favorite.

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  1. kavalier said...
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  2. matt j said...

    great write up, southland is one of my favorite shows and i agree i think sammy could become a fan favorite especially after this emotional episode..