Alejandro González Iñárritu Just Made the Best Sports Ad Ever

5/23/2010 Posted by Admin

Alejandro González Iñárritu Just Made the Best Sports Ad Ever

By our guest blogger, Tim Strain

Sports advertising can really be a beautiful thing--especially that of the Nike flavor. The all-pro giant sets the benchmark for overall athletic equipment (verrrrry subject business practices aside) and thus has the budget for the best advertising lines and commercials. David Fincher and Michael Mann have worked for Nike, as have many others. Two-time Oscar nominee and ChaChaCha member Alejandro González Iñárritu may have topped them all with his recently debuted advert for the coolest shoesellers on the block and the World Cup.

The three-minute short film (it is what it is), entitled “Write the Future,” cuts back and forth between several players’ perspectives, stopping at each to contemplate the ramifications of success or failure in the game (i.e., stock markets crashing, being Knighted, making the front pages, etc.). It encompasses the real-time pressures within a game to succeed when the lights shine brightest and fans scream at their loudest, not only within soccer but in sports in general. It transcends the game and involves its real-world implications and shows just how incredible the amount of media covering the Cup will be and how more people will have the means to watch it live than ever.

It is excitingly paced, frenetically edited, humming along in a style reminiscent of Iñárittu’s best moments and the most exciting of “City of God,” even. It is a most tantalizing snapshot of what the Mexican auteur could produce with a bigger budget and quicker story than what we have grown accustomed to from him. While we’re at it, his newest film “Biutiful” just opened at Cannes to middling reviews.

A quick promo trailer can be seen here. But seriously, watch the commercial.

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