“Get Low” Movie Trailer Review

5/03/2010 Posted by Admin

“Get Low” Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Spencer Morton

“Get Low” won’t break any box-office records. It’s not going to swoop in and take home multiple Academy awards. In fact, it’s likely to pass through unnoticed by 99 percent of the movie-going public. It is, however, a small film that is poised to boast a big heart, fine acting, and a stellar score.

The trailer immediately draws the viewer in with a scene of a man running from a burning building. Then, it takes off into a fast-paced preview that promises comedy, originality and tragedy. Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) is an old crotchety hermit. He shut himself off from his Tennessee community, but has returned to town to find local funeral director Frank Quinn (Bill Murray). Bush wants to throw a raucous funeral party--for himself.

Bush is a bit of a legend. Most everyone knows of him, or has had some sort of run-in with him. Announcements of the party are sent over the radio. Everyone is invited to come and tell stories about the old man. Bush wants the truth of what people think about him. At the end, the biggest story of them all is told--his own.

“Get Low” could turn out to be a real gem. The acting looks magnificent as it's anchored by three veterans--Duvall, Murray and Sissy Spacek. The story is fun, intriguing and it has the potential to end up many ways. The string-heavy score featured in the trailer is reminiscent of “There Will Be Blood.” Hopefully that remains constant in the film. Lastly, the trailer for “Get Low” simply looks appealing. The scenes are shot in wonderfully crisp high-definition and the desaturated color palette helps to embody the bland feel of the rural South in the 1930s.

“Get Low” impressed many at Sundance Film Festival in January. After the festival, Sony Pictures Classics picked up distribution rights for the film, and it’s now slated for a limited release on July 30, 2010.

Below is the trailer for "Get Low." What are your thoughts?

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