Gossip Girl Episodes 20 & 21 Recap & Review

5/16/2010 Posted by Admin


Gossip Girl Episodes 20 & 21 Recap & Review

By our guest blogger, Gita Gupte

"Gossip Girl" has gotten so bad that reviewing it without sounding like a robot seems impossible. The show has gone to hell and is not likely to come back. In fact, the last two episodes were so heinous that I have decided to combine them into one review. I will start with the least significant storylines and work my way to the most significant.

Dan and Vanessa played happy couple in Episode 20, choosing to avoid any possible competitive streaks by deciding not to discuss their writing. It turns out that this causes Vanessa to hide a major detail of her life -- a possible 3-month documentary film internship in Haiti. When Dan finds out, he is concerned for their relationship. The two circle the ups and downs of long-distance and decide that love letter writing via snail mail will save them. Again, I hope it does not. The show would improve significantly if Vanessa decided to stay in Haiti so that we don't have to deal with her annoying personality anymore.

Next we have Little J, Jenny Humphrey, whose recent outing as a bitch from hell did nothing to sober her personality. Since she didn't win in the cat fight over Nate Archibald, she passive-aggressively goads step-sis Serena by telling William van der Woodsen about his daughter's not so noble affairs at boarding school. Instead of getting mad, Serena get's even -- she outs Jenny's former drug-dealing ways to daddy Rufus, and he is none too pleased. Yet again he sentences her to exile in Brooklyn.

But the Williamsburg Bridge and the East River are not enough to keep Little J out of the limelight. Chuck Bass starts scheming to uncover the secrets behind William van der Woodsen's return, and Little J comes along for the ride, as do Nate, Dan and Blair (yes, this is also a scheme to get closer to his honey).  The scheme revels that William has 1) faked Lily's resurgence of cancer and 2) gotten one of Lily's co-op members to lie about an alleged affair with Rufus.  We see Dan and Serena share an intimate conversation that hints that they may get back together, however, they are still technically step-brother and step-sister and that is still technically gross!

Sidebar -- Jenny loses her only friend, Eric, when it is revealed that she tipped William off to the group's motives. Her own motives are that she wants her life to go back to "normal." So, if she could get Lily back together with William, she and Rufus could move back to Brooklyn. I don't think Jenny was ever normal and her attempts at racking up sympathy prove futile.

Last we saw some developments in the rekindling of the Blair/Chuck relationship. Even though these two are broken up, they seem to continue to impact one another's lives. It is revealed that Chuck secretly submitted a Columbia transfer application in Blair's name -- and consequently, Blair is getting out of her worst nightmare, college at NYU. She is thankful to Chuck and lets him get a little bit closer to her. She also advises him to see Lily in her time of need and as mentioned before, helps him in his scheme to uncover the true William van der Woodsen. Despite Chuck's bout with pimphood -- I can't help but want these two back together. They are the only characters that keep this show breathing.

The next episode is the season finale. All I ask is that the writers put us out of our misery with some tied-up storylines so we know how the show ends if it gets canceled before a fourth run.

Grade: D

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