"Justified": “The Collector” Episode 6 Television Recap & Review

5/05/2010 Posted by Admin


"Justified": “The Collector” Episode 6

By our guest blogger, Sanela Djokovic

Serving as a U.S. Marshall means going to several different cities, on a wide array of cases and dealing with a variety of very unique individuals, as we have seen week after week. The sixth episode of “Justified” bring Mullen, Gutterson and Givens to Ohio to strip Cincinnati’s version of Bernie Madoff of his assets, a tasks that becomes dirty when he turns up dead.

But before Mullen rips Givens away from another promising visit from Ava, Givens visits Boyd Crowder. Givens wants the inside information on his father Arlo, but the preacher in Crowder advises the Marshall to focus on the afterlife, something he should be concerned with considering the violence and murder under the record of Raylan Givens. Crowder knows he has struck a nerve, but he wouldn’t be the only one to do so—many voices are going to chime into the same song.

Givens turns on the Marshall switch for Cincinnati, where they inquire about Mr. Owen, an art enthusiast (with a particular interest in the work of Adolf Hitler) who has had a long record of using the money of others to feed his luxuries, and those of his young wife. They all feel the ship sinking, but Mrs. Owen isn’t wont to remain idle. While discussing with their art dealer the fact that the Hitler paintings are fakes, the horse trainer comes in and kills Mr. Owen. The widow and the horse trainer try to make it look like a suicide and get the dealer in on the ploy, threatening his reputation as a legitimate art dealer.

But Givens doesn’t buy it. Neither does Gutterson, who catches on to the fact that the poor widow was lying about her late husband’s paintings, that she was holding on to them for insurance. This is one time when Givens can keep his gun in his holster and put psychological strategy into play, taking part in a heart-to-heart with the horse trainer, who leads Givens to the puppet master, Mrs. Owen.

On top of that case is another, when Raylan’s ex-wife Winona shows up with a major favor. And, the question Crowder presented to him reemerges when agent David Vasquez is sent to look into Raylan’s shootings. They were justified, according to Raylan, but the words of his boss seem to contradict that notion: “Murder is not a marshall’s matter.”

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