Interview: Jillian Murray

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Jillian Murray

By our guest blogger, Joel Crabtree

Actress Jillian Murray, who turns 26 on Friday, is getting an early birthday present with the June 1 Blu-ray and DVD release of her film "Wild Things: Foursome." And with a title like that, the film is sure to move up to No. 1 on every teenage boy's Netflix queue, helping the actress garner a whole new fan base with her edgy turn.

In the film, Murray sheds her girl-next-door persona to play the trashy, tomboyish Brandi Cox. The film, which also stars Ashley Parker Angel of O-Town--yes, that O-Town--centers around the death of a hotel magnate (Cameron Daddo) in a speed boating accident. The film begins to twist and turn as detective Frank Walker (John Schneider) begins to investigate the death. And, as is the norm with the "Wild Things" franchise, seduction, greed and double-crossing ensue.

In a recent interview with, Murray said that her love for 1998's "Wild Things," and being a part of the franchise, is what drew her to "Foursome." The actress also shared some of her on-set memories from Miami, Florida, set the bar high for "Foursome" and discussed her career as a producer.

Joel Crabtree: Did you have any reservations about taking the role?

Jillian Murray: Um, a little bit regarding the nudity, yes.

JC: But you still went through with it. Did you have a good time with the role, is it something you had fun with in general?

JM: Of course it was fun. I mean, you get to learn how to race boats, you learn how to shoot a gun, you get to be in Miami, Florida for over a month. It's just a dream. To work with such an awesome cast, I mean, it was really amazing. And I really couldn't turn down the role because of the nudity.

JC: What can fans of the series expect from the new film

JM: Well, it's everything times four. Everything that you saw in Wild Thing, just, you know, bump it up a little bit. A little bit edgier, a little bit more grisly turns, more money, more back stabbing ... very sexy.

JC: What drew you to the character and taking the role in the first place?

JM: Well, honestly, I've been wanting to do something a little edgier. I've been doing things that are very girl-next-door and a lot things [with] very shy characters. I've been doing Disney. And, you know you get really stuck in that rut with just the sweet girl, and I have a young look. So to get even considered for something like this ... it's crazy. Because I wanted to branch out and show that I'm a mean bitch. (laughs)

JC: Do you have any crazy stories from the set?

JM: Hmmm ... craziest. Well, our first scene was the scene where we're all making out together in bed. So that's kind of like a nice way to meet everybody. Learning how to race the boat stuff was really crazy because the boat that we were driving was like a $600,000 racing boat and it kept breaking down. So we kept having a lot of problems with that. Yeah, I guess, just things like that. I can't think of anything super-duper crazy.

JC: What kind of actresses do you emulate. Where would you like your career to be going in five or 10 years?

JM: You know, it's hard to say that answer. Because I don't like to follow other people, if I focus on other people I lose my own path. I kind of want to stay with whatever my standards are. And mine are just to keep challenging myself, keep entertaining and constantly be working, I guess, more than anything. And I don't want to stay stagnant too long. I need to always be doing something different. So as long as it's challenging I think I'll be on the right path.

JC: What projects do you have coming up on the horizon other than "Wild Things: Foursome."

JM: I actually have a movie with Lara Flynn Boyle called "Cougar Hunting." It's actually set in Aspen. And it's a comedy, it's really fun, it's kind of like "Dumb and Dumber." I'm doing that, and I'm producing three other projects

JC: How did you get into the whole producing thing?

JM: You know what, producing is an interesting thing. It kind of comes about in an interesting way because once you start learning the industry and learning what other people are doing wrong, you start wanting to kind of get involved creatively. Not in these last few projects, but in the ones before that were really low-budget that I started with, I noticed a lot of errors. Things that I noticed right away. And I was like, why don't I get to have a say? Because I'm an actor? That's not fair. And I wanted to be able to put my two cents in. And, you know, I have a business mind, so I think that it was the just the next, you know, part of the ladder I guess. Just climb it up. And plus I wanted to get roles that might not be offered to me, normally, that I can just put myself in.

JC: Now do you think your career as a producer will lead to other aspects of film?

JM: You mean like directing or...

JC: Directing or writing or anything like that?

JM: Oh, no, no. I would not want to direct, I don't think. No, no, no (laughs). And writing. Probably not. I mean, I like to write for myself, but I don't really think screenwriting is really in my lsit of talents.

JC: So back to the film, could you tell me a little bit about your character Brandi?

JM: Brandi is kind of swamp trash. They actually wouldn't let me use makeup in the film, because they didn't want her to look too pretty. So, it's kind of like, a tomboy, she's into the racing of the boats, she fixes cars. She's kind of just like the dirty tomboy girl.

JC: Now, did you mirror her at all after Neve Campbell's character in the original?

JM: No, actually, I didn't. I specifically didn't watch it right before the film because I didn't want to, you know, get lost in it. I just kind of did my own interpretation. And I guess everyone has different personalities inside, and, you know, we all have that kind of tomboyish thing inside us. I guess us girls at least. So I kind of just went with that. You know, the days where you just don't care what other people think. That's just how she is.

JC: So the transition. You were mentioning your transition earlier from more family friendly roles to this. How does that work out for you?

JM: Well, it definitely limits the Disney stuff or anything that's, you know, because this is edgy. But, I do know that there's obviously a lot more stuff in the age that I'm at, and the part that I'm at in my career, I feel like this is the right path to take.

JC: So you were recently at Sundance, am I correct?

JM: Yes I was.

JC: And how was that? Was it your first time going?

JM: Sundance is crazy. It was my first time, and I have never been so, like, oh my God, I was just in love. Insane. I can't believe you know every single person there. Because it's everyone from LA. So it's like, if you brought your friends, if you brought 100 of your personal friends, and just put them on two streets. You'd run into everybody that you know, and there's just amazing screenings, and there's these awesome gifting suites. There's paparazzi everywhere. It's just like LA, it's crazy.

JC: So, is there anything else you'd like to add?

JM: Just go see the film.

JC: That's pretty much all I have. And your birthday's coming up on June 4?

JM: Yes it is.

JC: Happy birthday.

JM: Thank you so much!

"Wild Things: Foursome" comes out on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, June 1.

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