"The Last Exorcism" Movie Trailer Review

6/17/2010 Posted by Admin

"The Last Exorcism"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Rob Stammitti

Oh, if only I could believe this is really the last exorcism.

Filmed in the "found footage" style of "Paranormal Activity" and "The Blair Witch Project," "The Last Exorcism" is about Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), who has made himself wealthy by performing exorcisms he knows to be fake. When he hears of a possessed girl in the country, he goes there to perform his final exorcism and prove that the act has no actual merit.

Of course, when he meets the girl and finds himself face to face with a real demon, he realizes how wrong he is.

So, this basically combines two of the more popular elements of recent horror, demons (and the exorcisms thereof) and the mockumentary format. I can't express how tired I am of both of these things.

It wouldn't be a problem if something new was done with the style, like "Cloverfield," but the sub-genre is beyond tired at this point. We've seen all there is to see from this kind of film--they can twist a girls neck and make creepy voices come out of her all they want, but it doesn't change the fact that we've seen the same thing dozens of times. And filming it doc-style just makes it look like one of those bad ghost hunter shows you see on on TV.

Hey, I could be wrong, maybe there's something totally unique about the film that the trailer really doesn't indicate. But I wouldn't bet on it. But I would bet that this is going to make pretty huge bank when it comes out.

"The Last Exorcism" comes out August 27, 2010. Trailer is below. Thoughts?

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  1. Hrushi said...

    The point is, did they show it all in the trailer? Trailers are sometimes deceiving.