“True Blood” Season 3, Episode 3: “It Hurts Me Too” Review

6/28/2010 Posted by Admin

“True Blood” Season 3, Episode 3: “It Hurts Me Too”

Television Review

By our guest blogger, Julie Lam

Enter poorly rendered bullet approaching werewolf intruder in slow motion. Eric’s malicious fang-bearing demeanor from last Sunday nursed our belief that he would take care of business, and yet Sookie rises to the occasion as the pistol holder. We expect Matrixesque bullet-dodging from the canine, but instead, Eric leaps into harm’s way, taking the bullet. The werewolf, overcome by his vampire blood frenzy, morphs into human form--and attacks Eric. The werewolf unbendingly refuses to tell Eric who sent him. The Viking Vamp doesn’t beat around the bush, so he rips a bloody chunk from the intruder’s throat, staining Sookie’s rug in the process. Luckily, the bloodshed was not all for naught – the wolf’s thoughts shed light on Jackson, giving Sookie a lead on Bill.

Russell Edgington’s minions smother the flames on a burning Lorena. Talbot complains about his now ruined antique tapestry. The King of Mississippi admonishes Bill for his senseless and intolerable violence, and tells him to retract his fangs once again. The King suggests that Bill turn Sookie into a vampire just as he made his partner, Talbot, a vampire centuries ago. Bill tells Russell that turning Sookie is not an option.

As Eric digs a grave for the werewolf, he advises Sookie to head to Jackson, where he believes the werewolves are located. Sookie asks Eric if he will know if she is in danger. Since they are bound by blood, the answer is absolutely yes.

Franklin and Tara are getting busy in a motel post-bar fight. Tara is simultaneously moaning in throes of quiet ecstasy and possessed by some unknown evil entity. Tara asks Franklin to bite her, but he refuses because she wants him to. A vampire who says no to blood? Um, psycho. Maybe it’s her eyes rolling back or maybe it’s the impending sense of psychosis I’m sensing from Franklin--either way, I’m disturbed. I know vampire sex is supposed to be bothersome, but not in that way. Franklin wants to know more about Tara, and asks intimate questions about her family and boyfriend. Suddenly remembering Eggs and his murder, Tara apologetically and abruptly leaves.

Sam’s relationship with his biological shifter family continues to communicate indifference, and leads to altercations involving family and life values.

Hoyt speaks with Jason about his relationship with Jessica while they prepare Jason for the police officer certification exam. A half-listening Jason instructs Hoyt to simply find another girl. Apparently, Jessica cannot handle “the heat” that Hoyt is packing. Later on, Jason takes the police officer certification exam, and becomes distracted by the bullet holes he’s been seeing on everyone’s foreheads. Lafayette wakes him from this dream.  Meanwhile, the boys at work find a bloodless body.

With the trucker’s body still missing, Jessica phones Pam and asks for her help. We see Pam in intense play with a young female at Fangtasia. Just in time for NYC Pride. Good job, writers. Jessica later meets Franklin, who we learn is responsible for the missing body.

The werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, appears on Sookie’s doorstep and much to her surprise. Eric sent him to help and protect Sookie in Jackson. Sookie gets herself and her new hairy companion entangled in some meaty trouble at Club Dead.

Arlene finds out she’s pregnant at the doctor’s, and later slips the news to Terry. In a revelatory fit, Terry thanks Arlene for giving meaning to his life. But is the baby his?

Bill remembers his past as he sleeps. In a flashback, he visits his human wife’s home. His son has died from the pox, and no one has offered to bury him for fear of catching the disease. After discovering that Bill is inhuman, his wife begs him to kill her. Lorena, showing some semblance of humanity, inserts herself into the situation and tells Bill to make her forget.

The two most significant and alarming scenes happen at the end of the episode. Bill renounces his loyalty to Louisiana, and pledges his allegiance to Mississippi. Celebratory glances and remarks are exchanged. The only person who isn’t happy is Lorena. She follows Bill to his room, and dryly states that Bill will do anything to save his human waitress. Bill then tells Lorena that she has won. He says she has deprived him of his home, humanity, and that he will never ever love her. At this point, “True Blood” merges with “The Exorcist.” Bill violently attacks, and forces himself into Lorena – twisting her head around backwards. As he dominates her, he is overcome with fits of madness. A glowing, yet contorted Lorena says that she has always loved Bill.

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  1. Hrushi said...

    Getting really interesting, ain't it?

  2. Julie L. said...

    Now that Bill's back with Lorena - definitely.

    I'm aching for more Lafayette and Pam screen time...dark horses in this series.