John Nagle Music Review

8/28/2010 Posted by Admin

John Nagle

Music Review

By our guest blogger, Megan O’Malley

John Nagle has a quiet sincerity about him. He is comparable to Damien Rice in his vocal styling, but slightly more poppy. The songs of his self titled EP sound personal to each listener. This ability to individually connect with the listeners is not something all musicians can do. There is a real gift in being able to produce music people enjoy while at the same time reaching them on a more personal level.

As Nagle continues to make progress in his work, he will find out what music he enjoys making the most. Right now the album jumps from pure pop to more jazzy sensibilities to a hard drummed ending. The jazziness that can be heard throughout the song “Deeper” is where Nagle finds his sound. Listeners can hear when a musician is really enjoying themselves and on “Deeper” that bliss is evident. The same is true for the song “On My Way,” it is within this type of music where Nagle really shines. Once he figures out how to incorporate that sound into all of his songs he will be set.

Many musicians start out wanting to become the biggest thing and don’t concentrate on the sound they want to create. Nagle is already talented enough to be a pop star, and fortunately the sound he wants is already forming in some of his songs. His music will only continue to get better as he becomes more settled into his musician identity.

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